Andy Wirth Takes Squaw Valley Ski Resort Back To The Top

Andy Wirth is a unique individual. The grandson of Conrad Wirth, the popular former director of U.S. National Park Service, Andy Wirth is a skilled skier, a philanthropist, and president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Wirth has been involved in the hotel and resort industry for almost three decades and is beloved everywhere he has gone because of his commitment to improving the quality of life for individuals and businesses in the communities in which he finds himself. That quality has led to him getting many accolades and awards.

Born in Nuebrucke, West Germany in July, 1963, Wirth is a college graduate that attended Colorado State University and Edinburgh University in Scotland. Soon after graduation, the 23 year old Wirth became an intern at Steamboat Springs Ski Resort. It was the ideal job for him because he had been involved in skiing much of his young life. Wirth had worked at both the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area and the Rocky Mountain National Parks as a wilderness and backcountry ranger respectively. He had also been with the Hot Shot Wild Land Fire Crew of Northern New Mexico.

At Steamboat Springs Ski Resort Wirth held a series of positions in marketing and management. He went from being an intern to eventually being in charge of domestic and international marketing for Intrawest, Steamboat Springs Ski Resort’s parent company. His job was to promote all the company’s ski and mountain resorts. The ownership of Intrawest was very much impressed with the work Wirth has been able to do. By 2007 he had been promoted to executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

Three years later, Wirth left Steamboat Springs and Intrawest to become CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings which owns Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski resorts in California’s Olympic Valley. Wirth’s primary responsibility was to return Squaw Valley Ski Resort to its former glory. Squaw Valley Ski Resort was host of the 1960 Winter Olympics and had become America’s best known and internationally respected ski destination.

Andy Wirth quickly began to make a series of necessary changes. He improved the infrastructure, changed the design of the mountain dramatically, and renovated the base area facilities, common areas, kitchens, and food services areas. The upgrades cost over $70 million, but it improved the customer experience significantly. Within a few years Squaw Valley Ski Resort was again among the top ski vacation destinations.  Under Wirth’s leadership the combined resorts now offers visitors access to skiable terrain that covers over 6,000 acres.

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