Alexei Beltyukov – Saviour for Russian Entrepreneurs and Educators

Russian entrepreneurs owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Alexei Beltyukov because he is the pioneer in angel fund management. He is a wonderful person, a constant source of insight to other entrepreneurs like him. He has helped many Russians immensely though his company A-Ventures Management which he founded in 2007. Alexei carefully went through the plans and helped thousands of new business owners lead their dream life. His advice is invaluable. He is a founder of many different companies in the retail and automobile sector as well. He has received many awards and perceptive comments from many notable Russian figures.

A-Ventures is a dynamic enterprise that is dedicated to providing funds for Russians who want to open a new venture or expand their business. There are so many people that would like to take the path of entrepreneurship in Russia. For them, Alexei’s company provides money, counsel and ideas about finance and other legal matters. The services can’t be listed, but there are a few that is worth highlighting. A-Ventures has a wide network of angel investors from across the globe. Among the financiers, there are corporate banks and credit unions as well. In addition, there are certified planners and financial planning firms associated with it that provide immense support to these entrepreneurs. Russians are extremely lucky to work with Alexei in other sectors such as retail, metal processing, commercial banks, real estate development and turbine plant. Alexei Beltyukov is also the owner of a rail car leasing company called Brunswick Rail Leasing that he founded in the year 2003. Right now, this company has a fleet of over 10,000 rail cars. He also served as an associate for McKinsey & Co. He has been a member of the advisory council in Special Economic Zones department of Ministry of Economy since 2008. He is a well-known entrepreneur in Residence, INSEAD.

One of the many reasons Alexei had the opportunity to start the companies he founded was the experience he went through when he was an entrepreneur himself. Following this, he did extremely well in bringing like-minded investors into his field. A-Ventures also offers other services such as asset acquisition, asset disposals, launch of new venture, business restructuring, business remodeling re-branding and consolidation of equity stakes.

Alexei Beltyukov is an optimist from the start. It is evident in the association he founded at INSEAD that provides scholarship to Russian students accepted to the university. More Russians than ever are seeking financial advice and fund from Alexei’s ventures. Many of the stories that were once heartbreaking are seeing a happy end.

We all know that starting a business takes time and effort. But when it comes to this matter, Alexei’s company comes really handy. Entrepreneurship in fact is the best bet for energetic Russians who want to avoid the paralyzing pull of fear unemployment brings.

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