How Inmates and Correctional Facilities Benefit from Securus Technologies Services.

Securus Technologies is a renowned company that provides security services. The company has its premises located in the Dallas, Texas. Over the years since its establishment, the firm has always been on the forefront in ensuring that law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities across the United States are secure. Several public safety institutions have contracted Securus Technologies for investigation services, event management, and emergency response. The security firm earns an incredible reputation in the corrections industry for serving over one million prisoners in facilities located in North America. It has equipped prisons with communication gadgets like phones, which help inmates to interact with their loved ones. Prisoners also get entertainment and education on legal issues through the services of the company.


Since its establishment in 1986, Securus Technologies has served over three thousand correctional facilities in the United States, Columbia, Canada, and Mexico. The firm has expanded its operations over the years, creating several branches and offices including in Atlanta and Georgia among others. The security company has grown to become the largest supplier of technology solutions that involve domestic and criminal justice. The firm incorporates top-notch technology that helps in monitoring smuggled products. Several correctional facilities in North America seek the company for services that involve biometric scrutiny and public information. The enterprise earns positive reviews and recommendations from various individuals and organizations for its outstanding products and services.


Securus Technologies is headed by Richard A. Smith who serves the company as its chief executive officer. According to Smith, the company designs new commodities weekly, which helps to minimize crime in correctional facilities. Technological solutions provided the company provides security for inmates, law enforcement officers, and households. The company designed the LBS software that helps in tracking illegal assets and drugs. Securus Technology acquired JPay Incorporation, which enables the enterprise to make payments online. Products and services offered by the firm are reasonably priced.


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