Sussex Healthcare Helps Older Adults Thrive

Sussex Healthcare is an award-winning nursing home that operates throughout many areas in the United Kingdom. The company provides neurological rehabilitation services, provides elder care, and works with people with developmental disabilities. The nursing homes also provide dementia care.

Residents of the homes live as active and normal lives as possible, and the staff is dedicated to providing a wide range of physical and social support services. The nurses provide round-the-clock medical care for those who need it, and a variety of programs at each facility help meet the social and spiritual needs of each residents.

Sometimes families do not need long-term care services because they prefer to take care of a aging or disabled loved one in their home. Even though this can be a rewarding task, it can also be draining. Sometimes caregivers just need to take a break. For caregivers who need to take a break, the Sussex Healthcare system offers adult day care services. These adult day care services give caregivers the ability to go to work or just to take some time for themselves every now and again. Adult day care services provide activities for the participants. Sometimes these activities include arts and crafts. Other times they provide simple entertainment for the people in the service.

Developmental disabilities often require special support. These individuals may or may not be able to get jobs. Sometimes they may need to participate in special programs to provide them with income and dignity. Although funding for these programs has been cut in the United Kingdom, these programs still exist. Sussex Healthcare provides these services as well as counseling services for the individuals and their families. This can help each person in the family work out their frustrations and lean how to cope with the challenges. Challenges exist on both sides of the equation.

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