Avaaz: Saving The World By Empowering The People

Avaaz is a US-based organization that tackles multiple issues pertaining to social justice at once, prioritizing the issues that members feel are urgent. With millions of members worldwide, Avaaz has power; every member only has to engage with one campaign once to join. Members combine into a powerful collective force with voices in 15 languages and all 192 UN member nations.

As liberal activists who take advantage of digital technology, when Avaaz tries to change a policy that they see as harmful to people, animals or the environment, the NGO starts by gathering large numbers of signatures on online petitions and delivering them to policymakers. While Avaaz can obtain more than 100,000 signatures within an hour of sending emails, sometimes, petitions fail to have an impact on governments or corporations. Avaaz has to decide which action to take next; typically the organization takes out ads in the media to build public awareness, engage in media friendly stunts and hold organized, peaceful demonstrations where policymakers will see them.

Avaaz has no ideology according Ricken Patel, one of the organization’s founders and current executive director of Avaaz. Typically, Avaaz supports liberal causes, including taking action on climate change, ocean conservation and campaigning against corruption in Brazil’s government. Since Avaaz does not take foundation or corporate money, members, never outside interests, make the NGO’s decisions.

At 13 million members strong, Avaaz is fulfilling their mission of empowering people worldwide to take action on issues that affect them and issues that affect people everywhere.

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