Greg Secker: Sharing His Trading Expertise to Everyone


Greg Secker is an American entrepreneur, trader, international speaker, and a philanthropist, and he is recognized as the founder of Knowledge to Action Group, which he established in 2003. The Knowledge to Action Group is a private organization whose members involve high ranking companies. The objective of the organization is for them to teach the public how to do trading, and for them to cooperate in transforming the majority of the population into financial literate citizens. They would like the people to know the secrets and techniques on how to become a successful trader and build their own wealth. Greg Secker once worked with a private firm called the Thomas Cook Financial Services, but he was not satisfied with the job so he transferred to the Virtual Trading Desk instead. The Virtual Trading Desk is a company that focuses on foreign exchange trades, and Greg Secker’s knowledge about trading greatly improved while working with the company. He left the Virtual Trading Desk to work as the vice president for Mellon Financial Corporation, and he had the chance to travel around the world while serving as the company’s executive.

After learning a lot from his travels, Greg Secker decided to open his own business, named Learn to Trade. The company that he established aims to educate its customers and clients about how trading works. Learn to Trade became an instant hit, and presently, more than 200,000 people are using the service. He also opened several offices in Australia, United Kingdom and South Africa to provide local services to his clients and customers. Greg Secker is also hosting conferences and seminars for those who wanted to learn more about trading.

Greg Secker revealed that the reason why he wanted so many people to become financially literate is because he knew how being broke feels like. He was struggling during his younger years, but had the courage to become an entrepreneur at the age of 27. Trading made him successful, and he wanted others to experience the same. Greg Secker keeps on being an inspiration for people who are currently struggling in life, especially with their finances.

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