Quest Ventures Hoping To Work Out A Purchasing Deal With Slyce, Inc.

Quest Ventures is a private company that currently specializes in using their money to start businesses and corporations as well as purchase them. They currently are trying to purchase Slyce, Inc. by buying all their outstanding stock available on The price that they are offering Slyce Inc. would give them a huge profit of almost 500% over what it is currently listed, they are offering them a straight cash deal which always gets a company’s attention. Slyce is working with some of the biggest retail companies in the United States and Canada and with this deal, it would take their expansion to a whole another level. Quest Ventures plans to take this company private and grow it’s market by investing millions and then developing search apps in the defense and commercial markets and make them the newest in the current technology. That’s why they feel that the deal they are offering is a win-win for everybody involved.

Their next big project will be to develop a scanning app that will work anywhere and read any barcode, coupon, code printing, for any store any customer wants to shop. They also would read any three dimensional devices needed for our military as well as commercial endeavors. They will also be coming out with their own version of the talking voice on cell phone devices that can assist its owner with any help requested. It will locate, get a price for, find out if there are discounts, sales, or an instruction manual for an item that is needed. All these functions can be done just off of a picture of the item in question. They plan on these new conquests taking their company into the billions and increasing their client base to millions every day. Quest Ventures is now waiting for a response from Slyce, Inc. and the power’s that be on whether or not they will accept their offer.

All of this transpired on November 18th and the proposal was sent to their Board of Directors in Canada. They put this letter in print and pointed out that they had not been able to reach the head of the company. They feel that Slyce is not willing to work out a straight-out purchase, so their plan now is to make one more attempt, if that doesn’t work then buyout all available stock and offer to buy all willing stockholder’s stock as well. They are trying to win them over by pointing out the advantages to the acquisition.

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