Making a Positive Difference, Bob Reina and Talk Fusion

In the past twenty years, the internet has become the biggest aspect of business. No longer is marketing done simply through commercials and magazines, now a huge part of marketing is done online. The communication of companies is no longer snail mail and phone calls, rather communication is now done through the internet. Almost ten years ago, founder and CEO Bob Reina saw the need for reliable communication via the internet. Reina saw the growing use of the internet, in the business world, and with this in mind created his business Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a company focused making communication between companies easier, specifically through video communication.

Bob Reina is not only an outstanding businessman but also a huge supporter of humanity work. Reina has used the platform of Talk Fusion to make an positive differences in the world; one of his top priorities is saving animals. He recently gave the Humane Society of Tampa Bay a generous donation of 1 million dollars as well as personally rescuing many of his 11 pets.

Bob Reina’s passion goes beyond just animals as he has given, monetarily, to a Indonesian orphanage. He also has enabled Talk Fusion members to give the highest Top Fusion subscription to the charity of their choosing. This will help the charity promote their cause and make a difference in the lives of more people.

For Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is much more than just a business, it is a way to make dreams become reality and to make the world a better place. Bob Reina is an inspiration to the world because his business is about so much more than money. His sees suffering in this world and is working to make a difference.


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