Discounted Devices Offered at FreedomPop

Towards the end of the month of November, mobile network carrier, FreedomPop launched a promotion to provide discount on mobile devices as well as services to customers who purchased certain products from their stores. The company targeted clients who would sign up for service from 27th November 2015. Those customers were offered Motorola E brand smartphone for only $40. In addition, clients were provided with a Samsung Galaxy S4 for only $100. The two devices Motorola and Samsung smartphones were offered at discount of $190 and $350 respectively based on normal prices.


These devices are not the latest models, but they have been refurbished and also supported for LTE service which provided by Sprint. Apart from the discounts, the devices come in free unlimited call time, 1GB data, text message, all for one month. After one month is over, customers transit to standard free rates offered to all FreedomPop’s customers. During the month of November, FreedomPop announced it has signed an agreement with Intel Capital to fund its smartphone expansion plan. The plan includes launching of a Wi-Fi model using the partner’s Sofia platform.


The new deal was meant to transform FreedomPop into a commercial partnership, other than its current platform where it uses Sprint network in U.S. This is not the only deal that FreedomPop is focusing on because it is also targeting major international carriers for strategic deals in other markets. In mid 2015, FreedomPop raised $30 million from a new investor and also existing investors. The CEO of FreedomPop Stephen Stokols said the company is still contemplating moving forward with new investment projects instead of selling the company. According to the CEO, the company had received many M&A offers, but they decided it would not be prudent to proceed with that deal.


About FreedomPop


It is a mobile network provider located in Los Angeles, CA. The company uses network from Sprint and Clearwire to provide its clients with data, text and voice services. Furthermore, the company had plans to expand its operations into the UK market. Stephen Stokols, the CEO and Steven Sesar co-founded FreedomPop in 2011.


FreedomPop is funded by several investors including Axiata, Partech Ventures, Mangrove Capital and DCM Capital. The company has raised over $55 million in capital financing to date. In 2013, FreedomPop began working together with Sprint and expanded its coverage to accommodate 3G and 4G available on Sprint network.

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