My Social Life and Dating Apps

If it wasn’t for dating apps I probably wouldn’t have much of a social life. I can admit that I wasn’t very popular in high school, and I didn’t go out much in college. When I started working in the real world I found myself unsure of how to actually meet new people and socialize. It was with dating and social media apps that I discovered that there is a world beyond the four walls of my apartment.

The thing that has made online dating so hot is the amount of people that are out there. I signed up for Skout and found that I had the ability to connect with millions of people. How could this be possible? All that I had to have was a smart phone to download the app. It’s a free app that connects you with people on a global level. With Facebook and MySpace I really should not be that surprised about how I can start friendships with people in Africa or Asia, but I am. I was never one to use social media apps much. I was someone that was still sort of hanging on to emails and things of that nature.

Dating apps would prove to be something of a savior for me. I was so interested in finding out how I could meet someone that was into what I liked. That can be something that makes life so much easier. So much time is saved when you start off with people that like the things that you like. I have used Skout because it was new and fresh. I have also tried eHarmony and Speed Date. The last time that I checked I think that there were about 40 apps that I could use.

I was into the Speed Date app because it was quick. I could quickly find out if someone was right or wrong just like real life speed dating. The Plenty of Fish App also seems to be fun. I actually signed up for it just because I liked the name of the app. It has been my saying that there are “plenty of fish” in the sea in reference to dating. I just like to see what is out, and dating apps have shown me that there is a lot.

My mother still thinks that I need to meet someone at church, but I believe that the dating apps are going to lead me to my spouse. Right now I am just enjoying the interactions that I have experienced. I have made some great friends and I would hope to meet more in the upcoming year.  Now I just have to make a little time to explore more. Right now I have been glued to Skout.

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