Premium Dog Food Surges Across the Nation

Dogs are not going to be very discriminating about their diet. So, their owners have to be discriminating. The owners have to buy their favorite canines the very best food available. More and more owners are becoming aware of the importance of a healthy diet. This is why premium dog food is doing so tremendously well. The Daily Herald published a fascinating article on the subject of premium dog food and their sales.

Shoppers may have noticed Beneful, a top premium brand made by Purinastore shelves. The wet food come with names featuring “Medley” and “Chopped Blends” among others. The ingredients on these foods are quite unique, and they are selected based on a mix of taste and nutritional value. Peas and carrots are some Beneful ingredients selected for their vitamins and other nutrients. Such ingredients are not likely to be found in more generic or standard brands.

Pet owners definitely are catching on to the importance of purchasing premium brand dog food. The pet food industry generates a little under $24 billion per year. Premium pet food comprises about $10.5 billion of that number. 20 years ago, such massively high sales figures would have been unheard of for premium brands. Again, owners are becoming much better educated about making sure their dog eats nutritious food.

Beneful has wet foods made with protein-based main courses and numerous vegetable ingredients. The dry foods are diverse with some containing carbohydrates to support an active pet. Beneful’s treats come with ingredients designed to support dental health. Those with nutrition on their mind are going to gravitate to these types of foods. That is why sales are surging to such massive degrees. Dogs are thrilled with the surge.

Retail stores definitely like the popularity. Sales on premium brands are booming at major retail stores. The presence of premium brands in the stores is definitely pronounced.


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