Securus Technologies Inc.: Connecting People

The desire to make prisons better and safer has initiated the need to partner with Securus Technologies Inc., a technology company based in Dallas, Texas. Serving over 1.2 million prisoners, Securus Technologies provides civil and criminal justice solutions all over North America. It has been operational since 1986, is privately held and very reliable in the communications industry. The company focuses on public safety, corrections, investigation of crimes, monitoring, and evaluation. The company is second to none regarding providing reliable solutions correctional facilities. It connects law enforcement personnel, investigators, state officials, inmates and their families.


The firm is well equipped with trained staff and facilities to handle emergency issues that may arise and managing incidents occurring in the prison sector. Securus Technologies firm employs up to five thousand staff who specialize in Information Technology, Data Analytics, Telecommunications and Call Management Systems. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, Securus Technologies rolls out new products and services on a weekly basis. The services aim to mitigate crimes in prison. Just recently, a report was made by some officials concerning consumer feedback. Consumers sent formal emails and letters from the county and state correctional facilities.


The information derived from consumers was highly valuable as it helped make arrests for corrupt officials in the system, who were introducing forbidden items to the prisons. The prohibited items include drugs, alcohol and cell phones. Moreover, tracking of communication helped in managing relations between inmates to prevent the issuance of threats and fights. The introduction of LBS software by Securus Technologies have made it easier in providing technology solutions to jails and law enforcement firms primarily in the retrieval of lost goods or illegal goods. Due to their cooperation with Better Business Bureau, Securus Technologies Inc has been accredited for its impeccable service to the community and has received an A+ rating.


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