Securus Technologies Advances Prison Communication

IN a recent article published by PR Newswire it was announced that Securus Technologies has introduced the latest version of its software named Threads 3.1. Securus has created a complex communication system that has allowed secure and convenient communication between those being confined in a prison institution and those outside of the prison system. An inmate must have communication with his attorney and when allowed communication with family and loved ones. Read the full article here:Your text to link…

The Securus Technologies has revolutionized the prison communication system. Before Securus conversations with inmates were inconvenient, time-consuming and took place in a prison setting where the environment is not aesthetically pleasant. Securus has changed all that and now families, attorneys, advocates and friends can communicate with the prisoners without having to drive to the facility, clear security, and sit in a bleak, uncomfortable, and guarded environment. Now the inmate can talk with their family member, loved one or attorney without their having to come to the prison to do so.
While one of the aims of incarceration is to eliminate and restrict the pleasures of life on the outside, why should innocent family and friends, lawyers and advocates be subjected to such bleak, inhospitable conditions? Securus has solved this dilemma (please watch Youtube video to learn more) and has allowed both sides of any prison conversation to experience familiar conditions. Securus conferencing has enabled those who wish or need to communicate with someone on the inside of a prison system to do so without having to suffer the strains of being inside the prison, itself.
Securus Technologies Threads 3.1 is a pay for use system but costs much less when compared to the costs of driving to a prison facility that is often a great distance from the home of the family and friends and may be in a remote, inhospitable area. Now the needed communication from friends and family can be had at a fraction of the cost of traveling and without the hardships involved. Communication between the inmate and attorney, friends, and family is a necessary aspect for the eventual reintroduction of the convict back into society once the sentence has been completed.
Securus Technologies has made life easier for many innocent people who are adversely affected by the indiscretions and crimes of loved ones. Now thanks to Securus the healing process can begin for those involved inside the prison facility and outside as well.

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