Jason Hope Knows How To Save The World

Jason Hope is the guy of the century. He does so many things—philanthropy, investment and foreseeing the future of technology. His amazing foresight is leading him to push the idea of the Internet of Things. He is so super-duper passionate about this topic that he can’t help but constantly write about it and bring it up in interviews.

A common person may hear the term “The Internet of Things,” and think that it means sitting at a computer, looking at a screen and going onto some sort of program. The concept is actually much more, and much different, than that. The Internet of Things involves everything in our physical dimension. It involves one thing broadcasting to something else. Now, this doesn’t refer to your toaster waving to your refrigerator and carrying on a spontaneous, casual conversation. It just means that physical objects can be set up in a certain way to detect and transmit information to each other. The objects receiving information carry out functions that inform us and/or make our lives easier in some way or another. The concept is that inanimate objects have controlled communications with each other.

The Internet of Things is amazing in that it can make various types of procedures more precise and accurate. Time is money, and when things are done efficiently, there are less costs to get jobs done. Sometimes, there are logistical mishaps that waste people’s time and give people extra headaches. The Internet of Things can prevent these headaches from occurring.

The Internet of Things can also help in our pursuit of cleaning up the Earth and preventing future dumping of trash and chemicals. We already have a lot of really, really serious problems when it comes to the environment. Animals are getting trapped, suffocated and incapacitated by trash on the land and in the oceans. Human beings are suffering from huge rates of cancer. Some areas are known to be cancer clusters. Textbooks and websites say so much about how water is bad to drink in third world countries and how it is so good in Western countries. Meanwhile, people in the first world and Western countries are getting cancer from dirty water supplies. For more info about us: http://endcitizensunited.org/about/ click here.

Jason Hope is wise about the world’s issues. This is why he is so uncompromisingly excited about the Internet of Things. Chatter about the Internet of Things comes out of his mouth and through his writing, all the time.

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