Clayton Hutson – article recap

Producer and sound engineer, Clayton Hutson, has been interested in and inspired by music since his days as a youth in Nashville, TN, and over the years, he has developed this passion into a thriving business due to his natural entrepreneurial skill set. After graduating from Central Michigan University, Clayton Hutson embarked on an incredible journey which led him to work with a number of reputable public figures, both inside, as well as outside of the music industry. Although Clayton Hutson’s deepest musical love resides in the genre of rock and roll, he has dabbled in a variety of sectors and worked with industry mainstays such as Billy Graham, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Kid Rock. In a recent sit-down, Clayton Hutson discussed a variety of issues, including his initial foray into the music industry, as well as how he first began to generate money doing what he loves.

Prior to becoming involved with the music industry, Clayton Hutson’s background in sound engineering, particularly, for live entertainment, was substantial, but the additional experience gained over the course of his career proved to be invaluable. His decision to create his own business came during the American recession of the last decade, as the company that he was employed by, began experiencing a number of difficulties in which he needed to distance himself from. The majority of Mr. Hutson’s income derives from his business, in which he provides services such as logistics, stage management, and product design. Despite the fact that Mr. Hutson chose to strike out on his own during one of the worst economic periods of recent American history, with perseverance, as well as a virtually unrivaled dedication to his craft, he was able to find clients quickly, reaching a reasonable level of profitability in a short time span. In order to keep generating income on a regular basis, Mr. Hutson has a website that details his services, but personal referrals are the most substantial avenue in his ability to connect with new clientele. He credits his continued success to his dedication to sound engineering, having a genuine love for the music and the process, as well as his stringent revision process, in which he triple-checks his work in order to guarantee its reliability. Clayton Hutson plans to continue the processes that have brought him such success throughout his career, and he finds new inspiration in the way technology is evolving in regards to his craft. Learn more:

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