Jeunesse Global’s instantly ageless helps reduce blemishes and wind back aging clock

Finding the Fountain of Youth has long been a preoccupation of mankind. Although most attempts prior to the last 50 years were the cosmetic equivalent of alchemy, today, there are real, scientifically derived means of helping to ensure that the body ages gracefully.

While none of these things may actually restore lost youth, what they can do is to help aging bodies repair damage quicker, build and retain more muscle and help people to live longer and healthier lives than have ever before been possible.

One of the leading companies in this area of product research and development has been Jeunesse Global. Founded in 2009 by direct-selling veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global quickly brought on board some of the world’s top anti-aging scientists, helping to create revolutionary products that can effectively wind back the clock and help customers to look, feel and perform at levels associated with much younger people.

To this end, Jeunesse Global has developed a suite of products that it refers to as its Youth Enhancement System. This is a comprehensive basket of more than a dozen products, all of which are specially designed to help maximize youth, beauty and health. One of the most popular products within the Youth Enhancement System, which, like all of the products within the package, is available for independent purchase, has been the company’s anti-aging micro-crème, Instantly Ageless.

Instantly Ageless is made with the company’s secret anti-aging formula. Known as APT-200, the molecule was developed by some of the world’s most prominent anti-aging researchers for exclusive use in Jeunesse Global products. APT-200 has been clinically shown to reduce wrinkles and to prevent new wrinkles from forming. It has also been demonstrated to restore youthful skin elasticity that is inevitably lost naturally to the aging process. Taken together, these effects are able to wipe away years or even decades off the user’s apparent age.

Instantly Ageless is also a powerful micro-crème and facial cleanser. Capable of getting deep into the skin’s pores and eliminating grime and dirt that are often the source of irritation, infection and even the formation of permanent blemishes, Instantly Ageless helps users stay looking their best and feeling young.

Making Healthcare Great With Deirdre Baggot

The bundled Payment Pilots were nationally announced by the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. This action led to the beginning of the end of physician fee-for-service with the world’s biggest insurer. Deirdre Baggot has built and led the research on bundled payments and payment innovation. This resulted in $5 million generated by the 2 healthcare firms. Deirdre Baggot put few payment models with employers, commercial payers, Medicare, and Medicaid in over 200 hosipitalsAs many know, what happens to Medicare also happens to healthcare. The people who fund this are aggressively following the motion. Learn more at

The victory of the bundled Payment Pilots is based upon their knowledgeable decision making, team leadership, and being an overall grounded person. Most healthcare groups need to understand what makes these bundled Payment Pilots work and work well. Four commitments of bundled Payment Pilots are:

  1. To Give Their Patients everything that they need and nothing they do not.

Specialist in the field will run a study of conductive tests on patients. This is a diagnosis. This will tell what is wrong with them patient. This is so they give them what they need to help them and nothing to hinder them. These test and procedures are not a walk in the park. They have to fulfill the wants of the patient and their family while also providing their needs. They are strict disciplinarians of the “nothing they don not need” rule.

  1. This time there is no volume play.

Bundled Payment Expansion Pilots do not receive market exclusivity from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services. Giving a patient a discount will not ensure them of their good health. They play a role in making sure that their patients are well taken care of.

  1. Change.

Today’s leaders allow change to enter their life in able to grow and accomplish many things. Bundled Payments exemplify their competence in change management.

  1. Knowing what responsibility is.

Bundled Payments operate off of strictly evidence to make sure they diagnose the problem properly. This ties into safety which is important. They take responsibility for their patients making sure their needs are met. Accountability is an important factor to them.

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About Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a renowned live production manager in the industry of music. He has helped several musicians set a spectacular live performance show. He has expertise in sound production, sound engineering, events organizer, and stage management. He has traveled across America, Europe, Asia, and Australia with some of the best live performance musicians like Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses. His experiences were obtained to the live performance companies he has worked. In a particular company, he was promoted to a project manager due to his spectacular skills. He currently manages his firm in the live performance industry. Clay Hutson has handled some of the renowned music tours such as the ‘bleed like me’ where he served as a monitor engineer. Last year, he participated in the One Republics ‘Honda Civic Tour’ where he served as a monitor engineer. He states that his most significant objective is to help musicians put a spectacular show without any hurdles. His passion for music has also contributed to the success in his career.

Q&A with Clay Hutson

According to Clay Hutson, his previous experiences has played a critical role in shaping his career. In business, the experience is vital, and Hutson can attest to the fact. He decided to move to his own corporate after the 2008 financial market crash. The move was mainly because his employer couldn’t continue paying him due to the high standards if living at that time. Starting a firm at that time was risky as Clay Hutson describes. Although the risk, Clay believed in his experiences, skills, and talent and decided to carry on with his plan.

Over the years in the industry, Clay Hutson has managed to attract customers through hard work, long working hours, and paying attention to the client’s concerns. The three factors have made him avoid stupid mistakes which makes him marketable. Once the clients are happy and comfortable with his work, they recommend him to other live performers.

Clay Hutson has always been concerned on putting a quality and exceptional show. He manages this by checking out for the possible mistakes that could compromise the show in any case. With such mistakes, he develops measures to counter and avoid such ordeals from occurring. Planning is one of the fundamental thing that Clay considers before holding a live performance. It helps in boosting productivity and efficiency. Before travelling to an event, he develops a list covering every equipment and task. Learn more:

Lori Senecal: Going Farther

Lori senecal is the head of the company CP + b. She closely watches the growth and trends in the company’s rise to the top. Lori Senecal is focuses on the agency and making it flexible and creative in the marketing and advertising industry. Her strong leadership skills focus on debating in utilizing Talent effectively along with her ability to sympathize with others has made her a Powerhouse in the industry.


Lori and her company Works through steady collaborations with unique artist with different perspectives in their company. Teamwork is one of the strongest points in Lori’s plan of attack for success. She likes to approach a goal what they direct and Clear vision and with the resources succinctly. She focuses equally on conceptualization and follow through and Believes a good idea is wasted without execution. Lori knows what she is talking about as she has the experience to back it up. She grew a company she worked with prior in very substantial ways making it a global company in the process. She has worked with very large and familiar Brands over the years like Victoria’s Secret, Xbox, and Boar’s Head. She has a degree from McGill University.


According to GC Report, Lori Senegal is most satisfied when her customers and clients are satisfied. She is a woman of the people who strives for artistic advertisements and happy customers. Her very big personality and very artistic mindset have helped her to accomplish the goals she has set over the years. She makes money when her customers are happy and the brands that she works with are satisfied with the results of her campaigns. As the global CEO of CP + b she has carved out a niche for herself that is all her own. This youngest or four girls from Montreal has really changed the world.


Lori Senegal has left her fingerprints on a lot of pop culture commercials, advertisements, and brands that we love. She knows what it takes to reach the people and to push a product. Lori Senegal is not resting on laurels. Though she has success she wants to achieve much more. Her artistic ability can and will continue to take her farther.



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IDLife Helps Parents Keep Their Children Healthy

Parents have a lot that they need to do to watch out for their children and to help them live long and healthy lives. There are decisions that parents make each day that affect the health of their children. Some parents are always making good decisions regarding their children’s health and others struggle to care for their children. IDLife is a brand that creates customized vitamin plans that can be shipped right to adults, but this brand is also one that creates products that can help parents who are looking to keep their children healthy. Led by Logan Stout, this brand is one that offers a variety of products.

Vitamins might be the first thing that a parent thinks of when they are trying to figure out what they can do to help their child be healthy. The IDLife brand has a children’s vitamin product available. The Kids Nutrition chewable tablets are flavored and ready to be consumed by children. These tablets are made with two dozen different vitamins and minerals and they are meant to help children have all of the nutrients that they need to live a good life. When parents provide their children with these chewables, they do not have to worry as much about what their children are getting – vitamin and mineral-wise – in their food.

Parents often struggle to provide their children with nutritious snacks and even nutritious meals. IDLife has a couple of different products available that were made for children and that can be used either as a snack or as part of a healthy meal. They have a Kids Shake Canister that contains protein and other nutrients. This is a great product for parents to reach for at breakfast time. IDLife also has a Kids Snack Bar that is made of superfoods and that can be eaten on the go.

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Lime Crime Can Help You Achieve Beautiful, Hydrated Skin

The vegan makeup line, Lime Crime, is constantly pumping out new, innovative products.

Everyone who tries any products from this cosmetics line becomes a beloved member of Team Unicorn.

But just what kind of products does Lime Crime offer customers, and how should one apply them to achieve the best results?

Today we will cover these topics and more.

Healthy, Hydrated Lips

Lips are one of a woman’s best features.

We even see pictures sometimes that are nothing but a set of lips.

The female lips are feminine.

Because they are one of the most feminine parts of our bodies, they should be soft and healthy at all times.

These spring and summer months are notorious for drying out our skin and our lips.

If your lips are constantly becoming dry, don’t try to fix this problem by simply licking them; licking your lips could actually leave them in worse shape.

What you should do is try one of Lime Crime’s lip glosses.

Their Marmalade lip color is ideal to keep in your purse because it is very light in color.

Why is this light color a plus?

Because if you don’t have a mirror on you, no problem; you are not likely to turn your lips into clown lips simply by applying this light color without a mirror.

A Good Skin Care Routine

We all have people we follow in the beauty industry.

Those of us who are new to makeup probably follow only a few people, but can you guess what every beauty guru has in common?

They all have skin care routines.

It is very important that you take care of your skin so that it can continue appearing healthy and glowing.

A great makeup routine isn’t everything; beauty begins with clear skin.

When you remove your makeup in the evening, wash your face thoroughly.

You should even be sure to moisturize your face afterwards so that your skin won’t become dry.

When you awake in the morning, awaken your skin by allowing the shower to run over your face.

Repeat this routine each day.

Clayton Hutson – article recap

Producer and sound engineer, Clayton Hutson, has been interested in and inspired by music since his days as a youth in Nashville, TN, and over the years, he has developed this passion into a thriving business due to his natural entrepreneurial skill set. After graduating from Central Michigan University, Clayton Hutson embarked on an incredible journey which led him to work with a number of reputable public figures, both inside, as well as outside of the music industry. Although Clayton Hutson’s deepest musical love resides in the genre of rock and roll, he has dabbled in a variety of sectors and worked with industry mainstays such as Billy Graham, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Kid Rock. In a recent sit-down, Clayton Hutson discussed a variety of issues, including his initial foray into the music industry, as well as how he first began to generate money doing what he loves.

Prior to becoming involved with the music industry, Clayton Hutson’s background in sound engineering, particularly, for live entertainment, was substantial, but the additional experience gained over the course of his career proved to be invaluable. His decision to create his own business came during the American recession of the last decade, as the company that he was employed by, began experiencing a number of difficulties in which he needed to distance himself from. The majority of Mr. Hutson’s income derives from his business, in which he provides services such as logistics, stage management, and product design. Despite the fact that Mr. Hutson chose to strike out on his own during one of the worst economic periods of recent American history, with perseverance, as well as a virtually unrivaled dedication to his craft, he was able to find clients quickly, reaching a reasonable level of profitability in a short time span. In order to keep generating income on a regular basis, Mr. Hutson has a website that details his services, but personal referrals are the most substantial avenue in his ability to connect with new clientele. He credits his continued success to his dedication to sound engineering, having a genuine love for the music and the process, as well as his stringent revision process, in which he triple-checks his work in order to guarantee its reliability. Clayton Hutson plans to continue the processes that have brought him such success throughout his career, and he finds new inspiration in the way technology is evolving in regards to his craft. Learn more:

Michael Burwell: Willis Towers Watson’s New CFO

Michael Burwell says that it would be great to always make everyone happy, but that isn’t always the best thing to do. Sometimes collaborating and trying to agree with everyone on every detail of a project could be the worst thing for that project.


Burwell knows this all too well. He has been the one who has said “no” to a project even though he was originally spearheading it. His company had invested millions into a new technology, but after really examining the market, Burwell decided that it was best to just end work on the technology.


This was an unpopular decision, as everyone who had invested time and energy into the technology really believed in it. However, the decision was Michael Burwell‘s call, and he did what he felt was best.


To this day, he doesn’t regret his decision to end work on the technology, although many still see the choice he made as a mistake.


There is a reason we have two ears but only one mouth: so we can listen twice as much as we speak. Michael Burwell is an excellent listener and recommends that everyone else hones his listening skills.


This recommendation is due to the fact that Burwell feels that everyone has something interesting to say or something amazing about them. The key to learning the interesting facts is to invest time in listening so you can really key in on what people are saying.


Mike Burwell is Willis Towers Watson’s Chief Financial Officer.


He replaced Roger Millay, WTW’s former Chief Financial Officer, and joined the company with a degree in business administration from Michigan State, and his past work history includes 31 years of employment at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP.


Burwell advanced during his time at PwC, beginning by working on business advisory services. Later, in 1997, he was elected partner into the company’s transaction business. He would get promoted to Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer in 2009 and to Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation in 2012 before getting hired on as Willis Towers Watson’s CFO. View Related Info Here.


Mike says that he is glad to have such a major role in the broking and solutions company, and that for years he has been impressed with the company’s leadership, inclusive culture, and commitment to clients. He, along with WTW’s Chief Executive Officer, John Haley, feels that he has what it takes to contribute to the company’s success.



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IDLife Offers an Easier Way to Meet Your Dietary Goals

IDLife offers something unique. It is a customizable supplement and vitamin program that helps to fill the gaps that are present. IDNutrition makes it easy to meet your weight loss and health goals by offering many great benefits such as increased energy, immune health, weight management, increase metabolism, joint health, bone health, and increased mental clarity. IDLife promotes a healthy lifestyle through high-quality products and is all about matching their clients with the best products for them and their lifestyle.

When people join IDLIfe, they will take an IDAssessment that helps to match them up to the best nutrition regimen for them. Their daily nutrition requirements are based on their answers and take into account such things as current medications that they may be taking, dietary habits, and allergies. The assessment has been created by scientists and doctors and is backed by over 18 years of work.

IDLife offers many products to make it easy to incorporate daily nutrition into your lifestyles such as shakes, bars, and a complete workout line. They also offer products to help you stay hydrated, energized, and manage your weight. They have sleep strips, a workout line, skin care, and products specifically formulated for kids.

IDLife supplements are supposed to be taken in the morning as well as in the evening so that the body is able to take in as much from them as possible. All supplements are also screened in order to ensure quality control and so that the customer does not receive anything that could be potentially harmful to them. IDLife products do not contain any fillers and only contain pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

IDLife products are only available for purchase online as they offer a marketing business model that offers people the opportunity to become distributors. This makes it easy for the customer as well and they can have their monthly supply delivered right to their door rather than having to go out and shop for them in a physical store.

Logan Stout is the CEO and Chairman of IDLife and the author of many best-selling books. He is a motivational speaker and is a huge believer in the benefits of healthy living. He also founded the Dallas Patriots and is always giving back to the community. The company reflects his love life and the importance of taking care of your body and mind. IDLife has helped many customers to meet their goals.

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Alex Pall and the History and Future of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are continuing to achieve growing success in the EDM genre. The music creator consists of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart who have been working together for several years. Drew Taggart joined Pall a few years after The Chainsmokers emerged as a music creator and the to have been taking the title to greater heights.

Growing up, Alex Pall was fascinated by DJing and picked it up as a hobby. Over the years, his passion towards it grew, and Alex Pall decided to establish a career in the music industry. He was working at an art gallery and had his job cut out for him. In the meantime, he would play music at the occasional party or event and slowly build connections and gain experience in the very beginning of the music industry.

Really happy!! These sort of days mean the world to me!

A post shared by A L E X (@alexpall) on

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart got introduced to each other through their mutual agent. The two guys clicked fast as they shared an immense love for the music they created and had similar goals for their careers. Drew Taggart was living in Maine at the time. He had done several gigs and had a strong passion towards establishing a career in EDM. He discontinued his college education, moved to the city of New York, and the duo got to work right off the bat. Alex Pall also quit his job, and so they focused on The Chainsmokers and the road ahead.

One of the latest tracks that The Chainsmokerss released is titled Closer. Other than the music landscape, the track features Drew Taggart singing along with Halsey, a rising British singer. The track started climbing up the charts right off the bat. As with all of their songs, Closer is also near and dear to the heart of the guys. They write their music drawing from their life experiences and depict moments of their lives enriched with happiness and heartache alike.

Another recent release by The Chainsmokers explores a darker and more melancholic sound. While this is not a new direction for the duo, it certainly provided some variety in their portfolio and excited their listeners.