Lori Senecal: Influencer on the Prowl

Influence is the ability or quality of being able to affect others development or behavior. Many things seek to influence us throughout the days of our lives. Sometime this is subtle other times it is blatant, but it is always there. There is in fact, an art to influencing and there are those who have indeed mastered it. This people are good at what you call advertisement and that is what Lori Senecal is, very good at advertising. Check out Ideamensch to see more.


Lori Senecal is the global CEO of CP+B a company that works alongside brands to market them and come up with new ways to advertise. Lori has an extensive background in this field with many different companies. In her former role as global chairman and CEO of KBS she led the company from a 250-person agency to an over 900-person worldwide success. Even before this she had acclaim as the President of McCann Erickson. Its safe to say this is one woman who knows how to do her job. Its no wonder she is known for her extensive industry knowledge on marketing and advertisement. Lori Senecal has worked with brands like Coca-Cola and Xbox on advertising campaigns to great outcomes.


The origin story of how Lori came to understand marketing may seem to come from a strange place and experience in her life. She was a high school and college gymnastics coach and that’s what taught her leadership skills. According to Lori the aspect of gymnastics being both a team and singles sport taught her many leadership abilities. She learned to express without being to critical. She correlates those experiences as a couch to her ability to be a marketing genius because her vision was to create plans others could connect to and follow and that is actually what advertisement is in a nutshell.


Lori Senecal attributes her success to her coaching years, as it gave her the power to shutout doubt. Parents and role models are also something she is grateful for and she gives the credit for helping her reach this height. Lori Senecal and her creative mind are now on the prowl for new ways to mix marketing and technology through the internet. If the past is any implication of how this will turn out for her, then we all can rest assured that we will see new seductive commercials drummed up by her.



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