A Holistic Approach to Working with Joseph Bismark


The essence of the spirit seems to be to gain enlightenment. The Holistic view of life is gained from the perspective of inner peace. The premise is that with inner peace, the spirit is able to attain the full incarnation of its being.

Couple the experience of attaining complete awareness with marketing and one might have exponential capacity for inner growth as well as financial growth.

In marketing, especially, there is a definite need for a relaxed aura in order to talk with prospective clients in an encouraging manner.

Joseph Bismark, the co-founder of the QI company, which is in Singapore appears to follow this trend. The premise that a good healthy mind and soul will provide a peaceful and positive experience when consulting with a potential client is a sound premise.

People tend to follow the cue of the marketer who is speaking with them about a product or opportunity. If the vibe is a good vibe, the person will tune in to what is being said and will be accepting of the position of that marketer.

This is a phenomenal realization. Joseph Bismark has really touched on the very foundation of what marketing is all about. People who are believers of the holistic approach are happy, calm and relaxed people. They are happy to help future clients find the inner peace that is essential to so many, and also to offer them the opportunity of prosperity and a new way of life.

Direct Marketing requires a lot of verbal and face to face dialog with prospects in the field of marketing. It is just necessary to have a good attitude and to deliver a stellar presentation to each and every prospect that is encountered.

The demeanor of the marketer is completely important. With the holistic approach, the marketer can and does deliver the stellar presentation that can win them a new client.

People who work in marketing genuinely like people, and they like going over the advantages of becoming a client of theirs. A person who is versed in the holistic way of life is a very enjoyable person to be around, and the potential client will sense that and want to know more about his company or product. Which means he may have a sale just through being natural and honest.

I have been successful in business, but mostly because I had to be. I knew early that even with my education, many people simply did not want my ilk in their offices. It was okay with me because I had always been a self-starter, and I welcome chances to prove people wrong about me. However, in my own businesses, I have made mistakes that cost me good people that were much like me when I started off. Like a good entrepreneur, I never made these mistakes twice. The first mistake was being so driven that I was actually mean to contractors and employees. The other mistake was actually one of the only times that I worked for a standard company. There came a certain time when I knew that I should be leading.

Both of these issues could have been avoided had I studied Joseph Bismark earlier. He was raised in a monastery in the mountains of the Philippines learning techniques for mentally conquering obstacles. He asserts that people should head their spiritual call to lead. That spiritual feeling is what I had when I knew that the company was in trouble. I finally spoke up and was hailed a hero, but many of my friends lost their jobs before we could get it turned around. Nobody faulted me for this but myself. All they were concerned with was that we finally saved the company, but I knew that it was my lack of conviction and following that spiritual voice that prevented my friends from saving their jobs. I took this into my own business, but I did not follow another tenet of Bismark in business. This tenet is respect.

I was so driven that I also drove my employees. No CEO is anything without their talent, and I neglected this ideal. Eventually, I was hemorrhaging good people. Moreover, my best business woman defected to the competition. Although she was aptly replaced, I still know that she is benefitting my completion greatly. I still respect her very much for her professionalism, but I wasted a lot of expenditures training these people to be the great employees that they are now, but with my poor attitude, I was basically training them for the competition. Anytime that she wins a client that we are both competing for, I feel the sting of not following Joseph Bismark’s ideals of business. These same ideals have seen Bismark ascend the corporate ladder. He is now using these techniques to bring success to QNet of which he is the new CEO.

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