The Nathaniel Ru Marketing Plan


Nathaniel Ru is a master of marketing. The venture capitalists that are interested in funding his SweetGreen restaurant franchise are more than aware of just how skillful he is when it comes to building a franchise that goes against the grain.


Obesity is a big issue in America. The reason that this is such a big issue as much to do with the fact that consumers like fast food restaurants. They crave their double and triple cheeseburgers and fries. Americans love greasy foods and they like to do more eating out then cooking. That just makes it much easier for them to indulge in unhealthy foods on a very regular basis.


What Nathaniel Ru has managed to do is build the type of environment that allows people to totally transform their diet plans. They still have the luxury of eating out if they choose to, but now they have a healthy alternative with SweetGreen. This is the restaurant that Nathaniel Ru had put in place, and he is teaching people that there’s much more to dining out than fried food and other greasy items that contribute to heart attacks and high cholesterol.


The thing that has made SweetGreen work is the way that this company stands out from all the other companies that are trying to sell healthy items. A lot of other restaurants have prepackaged meals that are not all that delectable. Nathaniel made it up in his mind when the company was started in 2007 to always present fresh ingredients and meals that were made from scratch.


Nathaniel Ru is someone that has decided to go against the grain, and this is really paid off for him. A lot of businesses are simply carbon copies of something else that is already successful. That is why there is so much competition where customers find themselves comparing apples to apples. Nathaniel definitely set out with the marketing plan that would give consumers and chance to compare apples to oranges. He did not want a restaurant chain that was like everything else that was out there. He wanted to create something that was different for consumers that we’re looking for something different.


SweetGreen has proven that it can be a successful restaurant even though it doesn’t fall in line with the large majority of restaurants that exist today. More people are trying to find out about this chain as it expands.


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