Jim Tananbaum’s Role in the Improvement of Health Outcome

With adequate experience in dealing with both public and private healthcare firms, Jim Tananbaum has gained adverse entrepreneurship skills. He has a reputation for offering industry expertise and guiding companies in capital raising activities. At the position of the CEO of Foresite Capital, Jim is the renowned founder of this company. He is the chief architect of the firm’s investment structure and strategy. He has been in this venture for twenty-five years.

Achievements in the healthcare scene

Jim Tananbaum has remarkably contributed to healthcare economy. He has founded and advanced franchises in this field. Firm either founded and co-founded by Jim Tananbaum include GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Theravance, Amira Pharmaceuticals, and Prospects Venture Partners. In his position as a partner, he assisted in the establishment of investment practice in healthcare services at Sierra Ventures. Mr. Jim graduated with BS/BSEE degrees from the prominent Yale University and M.D and M.B.A from well-regarded Harvard University. He earned an M.S at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jim Tananbaum earns a high-status recognition

Forbes has a Midas List, which recognizes exceptional venture capitalist every year. The list comprises of top 100 entrepreneurs who have made exceptional earning or financial gains in investments. In this year’s list, Jim Tananbaum was ranked number 52. It is a clear confirmation that Foresite Capital is a leader in capital creation. The firm’s center officers are in San Francisco. The firm has a promising future under the leadership of Mr. Tananbaum.

Foresite adds a star, Dr. Molly, into its executive team

Recently, Foresite hired a venture partner, Dr. Molly He. She formerly worked as a senior administrator at Illumina. Dr. He has expertise in research and development of pharmaceutical products, extending for almost two decades. As the CEO at Foresite, Mr. Jim was glad to have Dr. Molly in the firm. He termed her as an eloquent and resourceful expert in healthcare investment. Dr. He was also honored to bring her unparalleled expertise to Foresite.

Foresite records exponential growth

Foresite Capital has immensely increased its stake in Nanostring Technologies Inc., (NASDAQ: NSTG). It has resulted in 5.9 percent rise in the common stock of the company. The shares have doubled up to 1.16 million figure. Jim Tananbaum remains to be a guru who has outstanding performance in business. He has earned praises and accolades for his ability to guide the growth of companies.

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