Organo Gold Brings Popular Coffee To Turkey

Popular coffee and tea company Organo Gold has added Turkey to the long list of countries receiving its product. PR Newswire reports that the Canadian coffee retailer has expanded to Turkey as of May 2015 and hopes that the geographical location of Turkey will help unite its other markets in Europe, Africa and Asia. Organo Gold further reports a growing trend among Turkish citizens favoring health foods and nutritional supplements. This fits with Organo Gold’s mission to deliver organic and healthy coffee and tea, which derive its beneficial effects from the Ganoderma mushroom. Ganoderma has been used by the Chinese since ancient times for a variety of benefits, so introducing the mushroom to Turkey represents an innovative step by Organo Gold to bridge the two cultures.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, who remains active in the company’s direction and is the current C.E.O. Chua has guided his brainchild from a small company in Vancouver, BC to an international network marketing corporation. Under his guidance, Organo Gold has become the 55th largest network marketing company globally and has revenues of over $215 million. Organo Gold is not the first company for which Chua has overseen international expansion, either. In the early 2000’s, Chua oversaw the expansion of Gano Excel, another coffee retailer, from the Philippines to Canada, the USA, and Hong Kong. Chua has been recognized for his successful contributions to network marketing across the globe. Organo Gold’s move into Turkey represents only the most recent step in Chua’s vision. Turkey is the 39th country to receive Organo Gold’s coffee and tea, representing Chua’s dedication to delivering health and wellness products around the world.

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  1. This expansion seeks to combine the active, healthy lifestyles of modern Turks with their tradition and appreciation for good coffee, which dates back several centuries to the opening of the first modern coffeehouse. I like to say that can do the needful to make everything to work for them so well.

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