Nobilis Health Care Expands to Meet Patient Needs

Nobilis Health Care, in the past year, has changed their name from Northstar Healthcare as part of an expansion program to increase their services. The enlargement of service required additional capital and earlier this year they closed a $25 million debt financing through Health Care Financial Services, GE Capital.  The Nobilis Health Corporation owns and manages ten healthcare facilities which include a surgical hospital, six outpatient surgery centers in Houston, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona, and two MRI screening units, not to forget their urgent care center. These ten healthcare installations are the latest and most up-to-date facilities managed by a company with an outstanding reputation for care of their patients.

The financing enabled Nobilis to focus on their expansion plans and repay any existing debt. The expected growth of this health care company has improved stock purchases and the stock price is beginning to again climb to meet a previous 52-week high of $9.34. At present, the stock price is below the estimated $10.00 per share expected, but has jumped 7% in the recent month and being reported as a “mover.”

The service goals of Nobilis according to are to maintain and grow their services. Maintain and improve wherever possible optimum health care of their patients. The well-being of each patient is one of their focus and improving the quality of life for each patient is their goal. The staff focuses on these objectives and is in constant contact with each patient through their journey from diagnosis through rehabilitation and wellness.

They specialize in such areas as ears, nose, and throat, including balance dysfunction, Cochlear implantation, and vertigo. Extensive spine care and lumbar care steroid injections and interventional spine care options. Orthopedic surgery including hand shoulder and elbow, not to mention occupational injuries like a carpal tunnel which is quite common in professions requiring repetitive motion. Knee surgery for reconstruction, Arthroscopy surgery to arthritic patella wear and tear. Sports medicine and throwing injuries, torn a rotator cuff, meniscus repair, knee replacement and other orthopedic injuries. One of the key areas of treatment is pain management through treatment and education.

The team of surgeons and staff are the experts in the family of physicians and surgeons at Nobilis Health adding new meaning to the words team of specialists that care for about health and well-being of their patients. Nobilis Health is conducting research to identify the best avenue to create patient awareness of their services. Hoping the public will become more cognizant of their specialized surgical centers and skilled teams at each facility. They have available, contact forms on their website, in-house call centers, and local marketing at work to ensure awareness. To locate the nearest and the appropriate center for your needs, call 1-713-355.8614 or go to the website Nobilis Health, to become the top innovators in their field, is broadening their horizons to become one of the top innovators in health care.

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