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The bundled Payment Pilots were nationally announced by the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. This action led to the beginning of the end of physician fee-for-service with the world’s biggest insurer. Deirdre Baggot has built and led the research on bundled payments and payment innovation. This resulted in $5 million generated by the 2 healthcare firms. Deirdre Baggot put few payment models with employers, commercial payers, Medicare, and Medicaid in over 200 hosipitalsAs many know, what happens to Medicare also happens to healthcare. The people who fund this are aggressively following the motion. Learn more at

The victory of the bundled Payment Pilots is based upon their knowledgeable decision making, team leadership, and being an overall grounded person. Most healthcare groups need to understand what makes these bundled Payment Pilots work and work well. Four commitments of bundled Payment Pilots are:

  1. To Give Their Patients everything that they need and nothing they do not.

Specialist in the field will run a study of conductive tests on patients. This is a diagnosis. This will tell what is wrong with them patient. This is so they give them what they need to help them and nothing to hinder them. These test and procedures are not a walk in the park. They have to fulfill the wants of the patient and their family while also providing their needs. They are strict disciplinarians of the “nothing they don not need” rule.

  1. This time there is no volume play.

Bundled Payment Expansion Pilots do not receive market exclusivity from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services. Giving a patient a discount will not ensure them of their good health. They play a role in making sure that their patients are well taken care of.

  1. Change.

Today’s leaders allow change to enter their life in able to grow and accomplish many things. Bundled Payments exemplify their competence in change management.

  1. Knowing what responsibility is.

Bundled Payments operate off of strictly evidence to make sure they diagnose the problem properly. This ties into safety which is important. They take responsibility for their patients making sure their needs are met. Accountability is an important factor to them.

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