Receiving Good Healthcare Does Not Have To Be Based On Luck

There many variables beyond insurance carriers determining whether or not you will receive great healthcare. In smaller markets, this may mean your locality enjoys exceedingly well delivered healthcare, or it simply does not. However, in large markets, you are basically on your own, and it is incumbent on the patient and their loved ones to educate themselves on the appropriate routes to receiving this care. The job becomes exceedingly hard in a place like Houston that has the largest medical center in the world. This is where I found on Linked In myself looking for good healthcare delivery for my chronically ill but well insured daughter. Naively, I thought purchasing good insurance would be my buffer against poor healthcare delivery even before she was born, but I was sorely mistaken. These choices have to be made about every aspect of healthcare delivery including ambulance services. The ambulatory service called to the scene can be a two-person operation with limited resources and novice, poorly paid technicians, or it could be a state-of-the-art system capable of lifesaving capabilities as they are in route to the hospital or on the scene of any incidences. The wrong service may make you verify insurance before they will even transport you even in critical situations when time can make the difference in full recovery and debilitating, chronic issues, and even death. These issues were excruciatingly frustrating and especially during emergencies. I was motivated to find how the system works and how I could make it work for my family. However, I accomplished it with a very simple solution. I explored the paper work of companies I had encountered good service with in all aspects of their delivery of care. I then found hospitals affiliated with this particular efficient healthcare delivery service. I only hit a small roadblock in finding the company because they changed names. They were formerly Northstar Health when last I encountered their company, but now they are Nobilis Health. Luckily, they have a large presence in the Houston medical center. I next familiarized myself with their ambulatory services, so if any emergency issues arise, I can ask for a Nobilis Health affiliated ambulance service specifically. People make the mistake of thinking they are automatically going to receive great healthcare delivery because Houston has the largest medical center in the world, and in some cases because they have good insurance. However, diligence is also required, but a highly rated healthcare delivery service like Nobilis Health makes this easy.

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