Susan McGalla Advising Young Women on How To Make Their Way to the Top in the Corporate World

It is a known fact that in the corporate world, there are more men than women who are in executive position. It is not because those women are less capable, but mostly due to the glass ceiling problem that continues to persist in the corporate world in one way or the other. Even though things are changing and the ratio of men to women in the executive positions has increased drastically in the past few decades, the figures are far from being called balanced. Susan McGalla, who currently serves as the Vice President of the Creative Development and Business Strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers Inc is one of the leading female executives in the country.

Susan McGalla in an interview she gave recently talked about her upbringing and how her father never differentiated between her and her brothers whether at play or housework. She believes it is this kind of education that ensures that women know from the very beginning that they are as capable and can achieve what they set their mind to. In the corporate world, Susan McGalla did acknowledge that glass ceiling problem does exist, but she also said that it is a problem that can be eliminated with the help of executive sponsorship at the companies. Susan McGalla means that when the deserving female employees at the company get the guidance from their assigned mentors, it becomes easier for them to move ahead with no strings attached.

Susan McGalla says that it is vital for the modern organizations today to integrate sponsorship and mentoring initiatives within their management curriculum. It would help the deserving women to move forward at a rapid pace, and give their best to the organization. It would be a win-win situation for the women as well as the organization. Susan McGalla also advised the young women to focus on their education and not to sideline it for any part-time job or other activities. Susan McGalla says that to be successful in the corporate world, the first requirement is a good education. With graduation and post-graduation degree, it would be hard to climb the ladder of success in the corporate arena.

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