Finding the Best Plastic Surgeon

For those that feel they need cosmetic surgery, there is a lot of information that needs to be looked up. Among the bits and pieces of information is who the best cosmetic surgeons are. It is important to know because potential patients need to protect themselves if they decide to go under the knife as opposed to under the laser. With the knife wielding surgeons, it is important to find the most cautious practitioner so that any complications could be avoided. While it is inevitable that there will be scarring from the plastic surgery procedure, it is important for the patient to make sure that he or she is protected from any disfigurement.

One of the best cosmetic surgeons is Dr. Jennifer Walden. One reason she is so good is that she is very passionate about providing her patients with something that they can feel great about. One of the reasons that people go to get plastic surgery is that they do not feel good about their appearance. As a result, they look for the cosmetic surgeon who cares about how they feel. On top of that, Jennifer Walden is highly skilled in cosmetic surgery. She runs her own cosmetic surgical office in which she performs the procedure with her patients.

Jennifer Walden got her start in Manhattan at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital under the mentoring of Dr Sherrell Aston. She worked in the hospital under a fellowship after she graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch. After the fellowship, she stayed in the hospital and then worked on the Upper East Side of New York City. She has worked there for almost eight years before returning to Austin Texas in December of 2011. In Texas, she has given birth to twins and opened up her own office. She now often features on shows and channels on topics related to Cosmetic Surgery.