Dr. Mark Holterman a Support for the Global Medical Community

Dr. Mark Holterman is a dynamic individual who is an inspiration to the world. He has been a professor since 2011, at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He is a mentor/advisor, surgeon, researcher in stem cell technology and the CEO of Mariam GLobal Health, a global business investment firm. The firm works with other healthcare facilities to bring investments and research innovative ways to achieve global health initiative around the world. He is also a supporter of the charitable organization International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for the Children of Vietnam or IPAC-VN.

A Program Focusing on Holistic Healthcare for Children

IPAC-VN is a charitable organization that seeks to provide a way for self-sustaining care for Vietnams children. Their focus is providing healthcare to impoverished children who live in Vietnam. IPAC-VN needs more than just monetary gain it needs volunteers to be educators, teachers, surgeons, healthcare providers, as well as medical equipment, provide continuing education, and to bring training to remote areas of Vietnam. For an in-depth look of his professional life, check here.

IPAC-VN also works with other non-profit organizations to reach full potentials like Children’s Surgery International or CSI. CSI runs an orphanage for girls from ages 5-18. CSI encourages holistic care for children who are born in severe poverty. They provide support, a medical treatment plan which includes surgery and treatment to children that show need.

Dr. Mark Holterman shows his commitment to helping others because not only does he help these charitable organizations by monetary needs but also gives his time. Read his views on things affecting his area of focus, hit this.

He is a graduate of Yale University, went on to complete is M.D degree and from there he got his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. He is a renowned pediatric surgeon. He completed his fellowship in pediatric surgery form the University of Virginia College of Health and Sciences. He has worked in Advocate Christ Hospital as Head of Pediatric Surgery as well as a pediatric surgeon and at Rush University Medical Center as an attending pediatric surgeon. With the many qualification and work experiences Dr. Mark Holterman still has time to support and give to charitable organizations. See this for the specialist profile.

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