The Innovative Neurocore

Becoming a national leader in the neuroscience space, Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is a company focused on excellence. The company has six offices in Michigan and two in Florida and is working in conjunction with Dr. Tim Royer a Neuropsychology Consultant from Grand Rapids. They are convinced their system is effective in helping athletes and other people in need of having their brain ‘in the zone.’ Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

One major client of Neurocore is Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Kirk Cousins. Cousins discovered Neurocore brain training while playing football at Michigan State. After going pro Cousins had trouble finding his way in the NFL. After being benched, Cousins look to make some changes. In the process of working wit Dr. Royer he realized his brain was not getting proper recovery. Cousins found that his brain was running in high gear releasing hormones he didn’t need. He needed a way to put his brain in a optimum place. Neurocore was able to help him do that.


Neurocore is able to monitor the brain’s electrical activity through the use of EEG leads . Amazingly a computer is able to determine where a person’s brain activity needs to be in order to have top function in a relaxed state. This is where the ‘being in the zone’ or ultimate focus comes. The computer is able to determine when a players mind has started to wanter and then stops the dvd. The brain wants the reward of watching the movie. It finds a way to focus and relax to continue the dvd.

Dr. Royer is convinced that as he and the company continues to improve his clients will soon have other athletes wanting to try what they are doing. Royer and his team have also worked with the NBA’s Portalnd Trailblazers achieving great results. This innovative company appears set for much more success with big and better clients in the future. Read more about Neurocore at

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