Up Close with Avi Weisfogel: A Renown Sleep Apnea Specialist and Philanthropist

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an excellent example of hard work pays in the medicine field. With a two-decade experience, Dr. AVi Weisfogel has cemented his status as a renowned dentist and specialist in the treatment of sleep apnea disorder. Sleep apnea is a foreign concept to most individuals. However, it refers to a condition characterized by irregular breathing during sleep. Such a condition can occur during the daytime and is characterized by insomnia and headaches. Fortunately, the accomplished doctor has adopted the use of customized oral appliances to treat obtrusive sleep apnea.


Avi’s Charity Work


Apart from spending adequate in his profession, Weisfogel is dedicated to serving various initiatives to uplift the health standards of the local community. For instance, his participation in the Go Fund Me Campaign has elevated his status among his peers. More specifically, the launch program focuses on helping primary and secondary-care practitioners to obtain treatment for sleep apnea invalids. As a veteran in sleep disorders, Weisfogel possesses valuable knowledge necessary in deriving a long-lasting remedy for sleep apnea. Furthermore, he has collaborated with his highly skilled team to discover possible treatments for sleep apnea.


As an accomplished dentist, Weisfogel has dedicated much time to solving dental issues plaguing both children and adults. He is a firm believer that everyone deserves access to the best health & dental care available. As such, his exploits have earned him immense recognition at Operation Smile.


Avi’s Business Ventures


With the collaboration of his team, Weisfogel has developed a new model to counter the previous side effects experienced by invalids. Through the model, patients can receive round-the-clock treatment at a 90 % increment from previous clinical trials. Furthermore, the design has created a positive environment for the dissemination of services from physicians to patients and DME providers.


Dentists can also participate in the new model courtesy of the Dental Sleep Masters Program. Fortunately, dental patients can receive clinical services to remarkably transform their oral care and hygiene.


Avi’s Active Social Media Presence


Weisfogel is undoubtedly active in social media, courtesy of his numerous accounts. From Facebook to Twitter, Avi has provided a detailed description of his current interests and hobbies. For instance, he has posted several pictures depicting different settings. Alternatively, he has also posted several videos documenting his emergence in the music industry.

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