Words Matter: Why The Right Needs To Cool Their Attacks On George Soros

If you talk to anybody who has survived the Holocaust, they’d tell you that words matter. They’d recount the rise of the Nazi party and its charismatic leader; how his words resonated with bigoted people; how his words turned into the heinous actions of thousands. Words matter, and you do not have to look any farther than today’s presidential race on Politico. Fueled by bigotry and self-consciousness, Trump is repeating the same refrains of dangerous people in the past.

Following Trump’s lead is an army of right-wing pundits ready to use words to promote their agendas. The most recent example of this is Glenn Beck, who billionaire Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News, controls like a puppet. Rupert Murdoch is a far right winged pro Israel Republican who uses Fox News as his personal soapbox. Everybody in the United States aware of Rupert Murdoch’s position on any given issue at any given time.

Murdoch recently sicken his attack dog, Glenn Beck, at 85-year-old billionaire George Soros. The George Soros conspiracy that Fox News cleaned up is so absurd that it highlights to what length Rupert Murdoch will go to take down his billionaire adversary. The three-hour Glenn Beck special recently accused George Soros of being anti-Semetic, the most powerful man in the world, and a man capable of bringing down governments. These charges are all false in their own ways.

The George Soros conspiracy that the man is anti-Semitic is hard to believe because as a 14-year-old Jewish boy, Soros survived Nazi occupation is home city of Budapest. And although Soros is a billionaire, he is far from the most powerful man on earth. There are richer men. But the charge that Soros himself can take down governments is half true. He has had a hand in taking down communist governments in the past, which is something Glenn Beck and Fox News should be thankful for. George Soros himself does not trample around the globe taking down governments like Godzilla. Instead, he uses money to fund democratic opposition groups to totalitarian governments.

The end of the three-hour special featured a spot on the recent George Soros WikiLeaks dump of hacked emails. It is speculated that Russia is behind the hacks of the Democratic National Committee which contained a few messages from Soros to Democratic leaders.

The George Soros emails do the exact opposite. They show a man deeply concerned with innocent lives on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, funding groups that investigate claims of human rights violations inside the conflict. The George Soros WikiLeaks dump of emails also include concerns about racist policies enacted by Israel.

Pro Israel Republicans and Neo-Nazis alike have condemned these emails despite the fact that they show a deeply moral man who has personally experienced wartime atrocities.

Learn more about George Soros: http://topics.wsj.com/person/S/george-soros/209

One thought on “Words Matter: Why The Right Needs To Cool Their Attacks On George Soros

  1. Glenn Beck and others are pointing to these George Soros emails as a smoking gun, exposing the philanthropist as some sort of evil maniac. That’s what college papers for sale needs to do quickly. In fac, all of this exposes the silliness of this liberal witch hunt aimed at George Soros.

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