Class Dojo Builds Classrooms

There are a lot of times teachers may need something to help them build community with their classroom.They may have students that don’t do well socially or there may be students who are just not able to feel they are a part of the group. Class Dojo can help them to connect and feel comfortable with each other and maybe themselves.

Student to Student

When looking at a classroom, it’s easy to see how students may feel liek they are not a part of the group. They may stick to one or two people and not want to meet anyone new. The Class Dojo app is one that will help them to connect in a safe and friendly enviornment that may feel better to them. They can chat with each other and they can learn about who they are as people.

Teacher to Student

The app can also be used for teachers and students. They can talk to each other and the student can feel safe telling a teacher a problem or issue they may be having with another student or with their own work. This can help build trust and can help them to want to speak up more.

Teacher to Parent

The teaher can also speak to the parents and address any issues they may have. They can come up with a plan and they can get more done as a team than if they were trying to do it on their own. This can help give them a unified front when there is an issue or the student needs more help than the thought in the begginning.

Parent to Student

Parents can also connect to the student through the app. While they may not want to talk to them on it, they can learn what is going on in the childs day and be able to help them navigate any issues they may be having in order to help them do better in school all the way around.

Class Dojo is a great help to more than just one side of the education circle. It can help everyone to connect and feel as though they are in this together, because in the end, they are.

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