Whitney Wolfe’s Strong Stand With Bumble

Bumble dating application ensures maximum security to users since women initiate dating. In a recent lawsuit against Bumble, the company was quick to respond to the accusations made by Tinder application is a great threat to Bumble in the industry. Tinder claimed that Bumble had copied its trade secrets thus violating two patents. Even though Tinder made these accusations, it was still interested in acquiring Bumble. Interestingly, Tinder filed the lawsuit against Bumble to initiate the acquisition. However, Bumble confirmed that it would never be acquired by Tinder since it considers it as an act of bullying.

The CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, stated that Tinder was only interested in buying and intimidating Bumble. Whitney said that she would not accept Tinder’s deal even with an increased buying price. Whitney Wolfe noted that her company would not do anything that can compromise its values. Whitney said that even though a woman leads Bumble, the company is not afraid of bullies. Mandy Ginsberg from Tinder confirmed that the lawsuit did not aim at anyone specifically. Mr. Ginsberg said that the suit was meant to protect Tinder’s integrity.

Interestingly, Whitney Wolfe was one of the founders of Tinder. Later on, she felt the need to start her own company. Mandy said that Bumble’s features are quite similar to those of Tinder. One of the common features includes swiping either right or left to initiate or deny matches. Another related feature between the two companies is that they both pair two users who show interest in one another. The main difference between Tinder and Bumble is that Bumble is specially designed for women to start a conversation thus making it more secure.

Match Group had set aside $450 million for the acquisition of Bumble. Despite the frequent rejection, Match Group does not give up on its intentions of acquiring Bumble. Herd did not disclose the information shared in the discussion between Bumble and Match Group. Herd claimed that Bumble spent less starting capital when compared to its competitors. Whitney said that her company could only strike a deal with a company that empowers it to offer better services to users.

The founder of Badoo made the first move in approaching Whitney Wolfe to start a partnership business. Since the two launched Bumble in 2014, the company has introduced BumbleBFF and Bumble Bizz. According to a report by Forbes, the value of Bumble is about $ 1 billion. The knowledge that Wolfe acquired at Southern Methodist University where she pursued International Studies helps her to run her company.

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