Todd Lubar Believe All Successful Entrepreneurs Have These Traits

The number of entrepreneurs around the world has grown considerably in recent years, with research showing that the increase has affected various age groups. While this choice of occupation has grown amongst millennials as well as adults over the age of 50, studies show that the reasons concerning this occupation differ drastically based on age. For adults over the age of 50, reasons such as autonomy, self-employment, and overall financial portfolio, tend to dominate as motivators. Amongst millennials, the ability to affect their communities, as well as the ability to attain a higher level of visibility within these communities, tend to be prime factors. While the reasons for delving into entrepreneurship varies considerably between age brackets, most prominent investors agree that successful entrepreneurs all have a similar skill set. Visit his website for more.


Amongst the traits held by all successful entrepreneurs, dedication, persistence, inquisitiveness, and transparency tend to be held in the highest regard. Dedication is imperative for a successful entrepreneur, being that entrepreneurship usually occurs because of an intimate issue affecting the entrepreneur. Because of this close connection, one must remain dedicated. Persistence, regardless of failure, is considered to be the paramount trait most entrepreneurs, being that failure is inevitable. Those who are most successful continue regardless of failure, choosing to view it as a helper, being that it gives the entrepreneur a realistic view of the power of their product, as well as its deficiencies. It is also important to maintain an adequate level of transparency regarding entrepreneurship, while also having full knowledge of every aspect of your product. This helps the entrepreneur to effectively convey their vision to their target audience. Inquisitiveness is also of prime import, as it is of significant advantage to having knowledge regarding questions that have yet to be asked. Check out to see more.


Today, Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, having founded the company in 2007 after a very successful career in the field of finance. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 after majoring in communication. He has worked for several prominent businesses including Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Legacy Financial Group, and Charter Funding.



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