Venezula Praying For Rain

Many people across the United States are singing that the rain rain go away and come back here another day. The people in Venezuela and on facebook like Norka Luque are praying for rain, literally. The country’s biggest provider of the nation’s megawatt power demand hit an all time low earlier this week reaching a low it has never seen before, 243 meters of water.

Government officials are encouraging citizens not to panic but to simply be patient with the government as they seek to explore options on how to deal with the drought crisis. This issue is not new as the country has been seeing a decline after El-Nino.

The power and water cuts continues to impact the country as they also deal with a recession. The people in Venezula including Ms Norka are trying not to lose hop but in the midst of such a historic drought many natives don’t know what to do. They continue to be encouraged to hang in there but citizens are now asking what exactly do they have to hold on to?