Is George Soros a Shadowy Funding Source for the Kasich Campaign?

John Kasich has been quietly plodding through the Republican primary process, often overshadowed by Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. However, that does not mean that he has been unnoticed. In fact, a recent ad campaign puts him front and center, as the candidate who is being supported financially by none other than philanthropist and liberal activist, George Soros.

Why would Soros, a man known for his left-leaning ideals and close relationship with many Democratic politicians on Twitter, suddenly decide to fund the campaign of a conservative Republican? While the ads never specifically state the reason, it is clearly implied that this is to derail the nomination process of candidates more likely to be able to defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election.

It is not surprising that the PAC who paid for these ads is a pro-Cruz organization. Cruz’s campaign may have had nothing to do with the content of the ad, but they are unlikely to be unhappy with its message. Cruz and Trump have both been encouraging Kasich to leave the race, as each believes he is what is preventing them from gaining the delegates necessary to guarantee them the party nomination.

The next question is whether or not the accusation is true. George Soros on marketwatch is an independent billionaire who has the legal right to donate to whichever candidate he chooses. His opinions and charitable causes have never been something he has hidden or handled illicitly.

Research into the matter
has determined that the connection is incredibly remote, and has nothing to do with Soros personally. The donations the PAC ad is referring to are two separate donations totaling $650,000. One donor is Scott Bessent, a former Soros Fund Management employee on who is currently operating his own hedge fund investment firm. Bessent is a known conservative who has a history of supporting Republican candidates.

The second donor is Stanley Druckenmiller, another former George Soros employee who left his position as an asset manager for Soros in 2000. Again, Druckenmiller has a long history of donating to Republican candidates and causes.

Neither of these donations is from Soros, or any of his many organizations and philanthropic causes. The PAC who has suggested that Soros is funding Kasich is obviously aware they are grasping at straws and intentionally spreading false information. Donor records are public, and easy to research, so all voters should do their homework before believing such unusual claims.

George Soros; I Support Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign

George Soros is a wealthy billionaire who relocated to the United States from London. He is a hedge fund manager and founder of the famous company known as Soros Foundation. He is also a firm supporter of a free society, and that’s what motivated him to start the popular Open Society, an organization that has spread in over one hundred countries. The foundation was formed when he acquired enough money to fund people in the society.

Their first activity was funding black student’s education in South Africa during the apartheid system. The organization has also been providing lawyers to prisoners in different places in the world, and this way, he helped get justice for people in the world. Due to the amount of independence he has acquired over the years, George Soros has become an influential person in the United States and other countries all over the world. He funds politics, criticizes governments and other important people in power, and gives his opinion in the finance sector.

Last year, the billionaire gave six million dollars to support Hillary Clinton in her efforts to become the next president of the United States. The donation was issued to PAC, Hillary’s supporters. This donation has marked his great return in political funding. George Soros is one of the most generous billionaires that ever existed in American politics.

The contribution brings the total amount of eight million dollars, all donated from the investor in just one year. All this will be the billionaire’s contribution to the Clintons campaigns. Apart from the donation was given by George Soros, other people have also donated to support PAC. Priorities USA Action gave twenty-five million dollars, bringing the total amount to thirty-six million. Haim Saban gave three million dollars. Others people also gave out funds, raising a strong amount to enable Clinton to finish her presidential campaigns without problems.

The billionaire has been very influential in the country, giving his opinion are highly respected, and this is a sign of his independence. His actions are also respected in the nation. If we are to go by his support to the Clinton campaigns, this is a sign that he has chosen the best leader for the country. In 2008, George Soros predicted that there will be a financial crisis that would affect the whole world, and although many didn’t believe it, the crisis happened, leaving the financial sector in a total mess.
George Soros had earlier predicted that the European Union was on the verge of going down, and true to this, the migration crisis happening brought a lot of disunity in the union. Angela Merkel was left as the only solution to the migration crisis and the European Union.