Sussex Healthcare Helps Older Adults Thrive

Sussex Healthcare is an award-winning nursing home that operates throughout many areas in the United Kingdom. The company provides neurological rehabilitation services, provides elder care, and works with people with developmental disabilities. The nursing homes also provide dementia care.

Residents of the homes live as active and normal lives as possible, and the staff is dedicated to providing a wide range of physical and social support services. The nurses provide round-the-clock medical care for those who need it, and a variety of programs at each facility help meet the social and spiritual needs of each residents.

Sometimes families do not need long-term care services because they prefer to take care of a aging or disabled loved one in their home. Even though this can be a rewarding task, it can also be draining. Sometimes caregivers just need to take a break. For caregivers who need to take a break, the Sussex Healthcare system offers adult day care services. These adult day care services give caregivers the ability to go to work or just to take some time for themselves every now and again. Adult day care services provide activities for the participants. Sometimes these activities include arts and crafts. Other times they provide simple entertainment for the people in the service.

Developmental disabilities often require special support. These individuals may or may not be able to get jobs. Sometimes they may need to participate in special programs to provide them with income and dignity. Although funding for these programs has been cut in the United Kingdom, these programs still exist. Sussex Healthcare provides these services as well as counseling services for the individuals and their families. This can help each person in the family work out their frustrations and lean how to cope with the challenges. Challenges exist on both sides of the equation.

Dr.Scott Rocklage, Leveraging Education, Experience and Natural Ability, to Become a Business Leader

As a student, Scott Rocklage was blessed to enter the orbit of a yet-to-be-named Nobel Prize winner and a lot of ‘fun guys and gals’ with super-sized brains and ambitions, not unlike his own.

The rocket-ship which brought him into this orbit was MIT, a significant rock along an educational footpath that included Bachelor degrees in science and chemistry from the University of California, also the place where Rocklage earned his PhD in chemistry.

It’s where, more than forty years later, Sexagenarian, Dr. Scott Rocklage PhD, would offer gratitude for the mentorship and scholarship afforded him while at MIT, along with a gift of monies to fund lab space for future brainiacs with outsize visions.

Of course, MIT has produced its share of whiz-kids, including Nobel laureate, Richard R. Schrock, who worked in the Chemistry department during Rocklage’s time at school and Rocklage himself, who leveraged his earned-at-MIT know-how into top-tier positions at a dizzying array of prominent companies. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

A wide-scale, though not-exhaustive, list of places where Rocklage has served, whether as director, board member, chief executive officer, president, co-president, board chairman, managing partner, or in some other leadership capacity of note, includes, Epirus Bio-pharmaceuticals, Amersham Health, Ilypsa Inc., Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Interventional Inc., Novira Therapeutics, Rennovia Inc., MDS Poteomics, Inc. Semprus BioSciences Corp ., Relypsa Inc., Pulmatrix, Mikana Therapeutics, Cidara Therapeutics and VBI Vaccines Inc.

Highly significant, although not on the list, is the company Scott Rocklage currently helms, managing partner, since 2004, 5AM Venture Management LLC.

Forward-thinking in its policy of seeking emergent medical technologies, mentoring them, even going so far at times as taking limited, operational roles within them, Venture continuously retools its science portfolio, using a diverse blend of professionals, from the areas of business, law and medicine.

As its name suggests, 5AM Venture Management is often among the earliest to spot exciting new trends with disease-fighting potential. Currently on the company’s list of trends to be excited about is genotype research, with its cancer-predicting potential.

Not surprisingly, a man with trend-spotting acumen and health management skill, honed over decades, doesn’t mine from one area of endeavor. Besides his business accomplishments, Rocklage has used his leadership skills to steer, from application to approval, three drugs.

30 patients exist due to his scientific prowess. He’s published more than 100 times, in peer-reviewed publications. At 61, it’s safe to say the self-described ‘accomplishment-junkie’ is far from done.

Dr. Imran Haque, The Knight In Shining Armor For Asheboro Residents

Dr. Imran Haque is the knight in shining armor for Asheboro residents. This is because for over 15 years this internist has provided stellar medical care to the people of that area. His repertoire of services includes not just physical exams and diabetes management, but also Venus body contouring, laser hair removal, 360 servicing, and weight management services.


Dr. Haque received his training at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. He has a license to practice medicine in the state of North Carolina, apart from having been enrolled in the Maintenance of Certification Program for Internal Medicine. Owing to the diverse range of services provided by Dr. Haque, he sees patients in connection with specific treatment, as also a primary care physician.


In the case of the latter, he diagnoses common ailments and when necessary refers the patients to specialists. The fact that ultrasound and lab services are available in his office means that he can treat a large number of his patients there. The popularity of Dr. Haque is quite evident as judges from the dozens of favorable reviews he has received from his many patients.


For a doctor to be so loved by the community he serves is quite a  feeling, as it feels like all the long hours of study and the time spent in the thorough examination of patients have finally borne fruit. The kind of trust that Dr. Haque has earned in the Asheboro areas can only be the result of someone’s most sincere efforts at reaching the best care to as many people as was possible.


The last fifteen years have seen Dr. Haque render ceaseless service to an endless stream of patients who come to him because they know that he would take good care of him. Apart from the people who come with regards to health issues, there are those who come for his wellness services. In that too his services are par excellence and rather than go somewhere else that is prohibitively expensive residents of Asheboro prefer to come to Dr. Haque because they know that they will be well served.


Apart from his practice, Dr. Haque is affiliated with some prominent hospitals in the area including Kindred Hospital and Randolph hospital. As one can well imagine he is a well-known figure in the Asheboro medical circles. For the residents of Asheboro, he is their very own Dr. Haque who looks after them and keeps them disease free and happy.

The primary motivation for Dr. Haque has always been the welfare of his patients, and to this end, he has always endeavored to do his best. The result of his hard work is visible in the immense amount of goodwill he has in the community and for Dr. Haque that is the greatest source of satisfaction to him. It is not every day that you come across someone with that level of commitment to their patients. That’s what makes Dr. Haque, so very special and rare.


Avaaz: Saving The World By Empowering The People

Avaaz is a US-based organization that tackles multiple issues pertaining to social justice at once, prioritizing the issues that members feel are urgent. With millions of members worldwide, Avaaz has power; every member only has to engage with one campaign once to join. Members combine into a powerful collective force with voices in 15 languages and all 192 UN member nations.

As liberal activists who take advantage of digital technology, when Avaaz tries to change a policy that they see as harmful to people, animals or the environment, the NGO starts by gathering large numbers of signatures on online petitions and delivering them to policymakers. While Avaaz can obtain more than 100,000 signatures within an hour of sending emails, sometimes, petitions fail to have an impact on governments or corporations. Avaaz has to decide which action to take next; typically the organization takes out ads in the media to build public awareness, engage in media friendly stunts and hold organized, peaceful demonstrations where policymakers will see them.

Avaaz has no ideology according Ricken Patel, one of the organization’s founders and current executive director of Avaaz. Typically, Avaaz supports liberal causes, including taking action on climate change, ocean conservation and campaigning against corruption in Brazil’s government. Since Avaaz does not take foundation or corporate money, members, never outside interests, make the NGO’s decisions.

At 13 million members strong, Avaaz is fulfilling their mission of empowering people worldwide to take action on issues that affect them and issues that affect people everywhere.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Jason Hope Shines Light Into The Growth And Benefits Of Internet Of Things

Many people appreciate the relevance of technology and the development of different technologies. New trends in technology have seen the development of internet of things take another step. According to Jason Hope, this is the future and will possibly define the future of technology. Internet of things has taken shape as a trend that will make life better and offer humans a chance to think deeper about their environments.

Being able to control the environment easily is something that will help people to change their lives and explore different areas. Jason Hope has explored various types of technologies and as an entrepreneur technologist, he has come across many aspects of technology that few people ever think about.

Through internet of things, controlling appliances like refrigerators will be an easy task and this can be done remotely. Internet of things allows the interconnection of devices and gadgets like a car being connected to a mobile phone to communicate some data and issue some commands. Most homes now have advanced security and control systems where one can control things like lighting remotely through a, mobile device.

Opportunities to inspire growth
Jason Hope has been offering the young and ambitious opportunities to build their ideas into successful businesses. As an entrepreneur who built his career over many years, he would also like to inspire the growth of other young individuals. He runs an incubation facility that also allows young entrepreneurs to get funding for their projects.

Supporting technology
Another area Jason Hope has been actively involved is technology. His company offers the design and development of websites, mobile and web applications, desktop apps and software for various uses. He is an entrepreneur who has based his business in technology and reviewing new trends in technology as well as the development of entrepreneurship.

Learn more about Jason Hope:

To Promote Dog Food Beneful, Purina Thinks Outside The Box

Convincing consumers to purchase a specific brand of dog food is never an easy task. You can discuss nutrition and Purina’s Beneful on amazon is well-known for its healthy ingredients. But study after study shows that when consumers are standing in the dog aisle of their local grocery style, the decision about which brand to but often involves which brand name is the most familiar and comforting.

Building that brand name in the customer’s mind is behind a series of stunts Purina has staged over the years as a way to build name recognition. The events might sound silly, but they’re all designed to grab a lot of public attention and reinforce the Beneful name in the mind of customers.

In 2011, Beneful released a series of posters that emitted a faint smell that was designed to attract dogs when they posted in public areas such as parks and rail stations. That stunt was followed by television ads that aired in Europe which included a high-pitched sound that only dogs could hear. The commercials couldn’t air in some countries (including the United States) because of restrictions against “hidden” audio signals.

That campaign was successful enough that the billboards have since been rolled out in a dozen other cities in the United States, including Chicago, Atlanta, Boston and Los Angeles. The billboards also won an industry award for the year’s most inventive outdoor display.

Another popular promotional idea was the Beneful Dream Dog Park contest. In 2013, the company announced a program which would award $500,000 in prize money to build dream dog parks in the United States. More than 1,000 entries were received from around the country. About a dozen awards were given out and new dog parks built in eight states. Each had prominent signage mentioning the Beneful link and the people who had sent in the successful entries also won prizes that included a selection of Beneful products.

The result of all of this unusual promotion is that Beneful is now one of the largest selling dog food brands in the world. The Beneful line of products also continues to expand. Originally Beneful was a series of dry or wet dog foods along with some dog snacks. The company has now introduced a line of foods that use soy instead of meat products, as well as a new line of prepared dog foods that come in a special package that can also serve as a container.