Drew Madden and the Effort to Save Healthcare Companies

We’ve never really thought of CVS, Rite Aid and the like as being healthcare companies so much as general retailers that have pharmacies built in, but that’s the direction they’re headed if Amazon keeps up its expansion. Putting major stores like Toys “R” Us out of business and swallowing up other names out there such as Whole Foods has given them a fearsome name in almost every industry that has enough retail involvement to allow Amazon some sort of foothold, and they’ve now made their advances into the medical side of the fence by getting in line for the licenses that will permit them to sell equipment that supports medical purposes in patients and facilities alike.

On the surface, this sounds like it should be good news for everybody, right? Well, the clients sure don’t suffer from this marketing decision, but the corner-side medical providers definitely aren’t happy about it. As it turns out, Amazon now wants to get their hands on additional licenses to allow for the provision of prescription medications. Being a state-by-state endeavor, we’re not sure how long it’ll be before they manage to acquire the means of doing so or how each jurisdiction will feel about letting drones handle sensitive pills that could wind up in the wrong hands, but Amazon’s no small dog: They’ll find a way.

Meanwhile, CVS has their own artillery to fire back on Amazon, and this comes in the form of deep discussions into the possibility of buying up Aetna. If they manage to absorb this company into their own retail locations, the implications for clients are massive in a good way, but it’s not as simple as bringing Aetna into the stores; CVS also needs the back-end technology and manpower to pull it off effectively. This will predictably happen in the form of getting a personality like Drew Madden on board.

You wouldn’t be faulted for not knowing this, but Drew Madden has become a legend in the backdrop of the medical industry for his exceptional power as an executive IT director with regards to the handling of medical services and records. If anyone has the power to pull up the likes of CVS, Rite Aid and so on, he’ll be able to provide the resources for them to support a new healthcare system inside their very own locations. Keep an eye out: He’ll become more relevant in the coming years.