Focus on the Life and Career of George Soros

According to the recently released Billionaires list of 2017 by Forbes Magazine, George Soros appears in number 29 of the richest people on the planet. The 86 year old Hungarian-American investor is worth $25.2 billion USD. This position automatically confirms him as the richest hedge fund executive in the world at the moment. Apart from being an astute investor, George Soros is well known for using his fortune to fund and influence a number of causes. George Soros supports liberal democratic systems that became victorious after the Cold War. He has been involved in activism for a long time and was at one time named as the most influential man in Hungary by Politico. He runs the Open Society Foundations, which he setup in 1984 to assist the marginalized and oppressed groups. From the time communism fell, George Soros has being actively involved in American and Central European politics. He has donated huge chunks of money running into millions of dollars to various liberal organizations in the world and the Democratic Party in the United States. He was among the donors who gave Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign a boost via generous donations as Soros is a fierce critic of Donald Trump, the current U.S. President and what George Soros knows.


George Soros has made a mark in the world of philanthropy globally. He is one of the most generous givers having donated more than $12 billion until now. His donations have been aimed at supporting organizations as well as individuals around the world fighting for the freedom of expression, accountable government, transparency and societies that promote equality and justice. The billionaire investor and philanthropist focuses a lot on funding people facing discrimination for whom or what they are. He has in the past supported groups that represent the Roma people in Europe, people pushed to the margins of the conventional society like sex workers, LGBTI people and drug users and George Soros lacrosse camp. His past could be the main catalyst why he supports the marginalized groups and people as he experienced this type of intolerance firsthand. He was born in Hungary back in 1930 and lived at a time when the Nazi occupation was taking place from 1944 to 1945. This occupation resulted in the deaths of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. His family narrowly escaped this holocaust by using falsified papers that concealed their backgrounds and together with others ran away from their country and learn more about George Soros.

Education and Career

After escaping Hungary, he enrolled himself at the London School of Economics and worked hard as a waiter and railway porter to pay for his fees. He then started work in the field of finance in a merchant bank. After this experience, he moved to New York and got inducted at the Wall Street. In 1969 he started his hedge fund with $12 million. He is an active investor through his Soros Fund Management, which currently manages assets worth $30 billion and more information click here.

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