Handy, Home Cleaning Services Helps Widowed Father With His Home

My wife passed away 3 years ago and all the responsibilities fell on me. I miss her every day, but I never realized how hard her job was as a stay at home mom. I worked about 60-80 hours per week and I have a child who is 2. Any free time I do have I want to ensure that I am spending with Jackson and not working around the house. I tried to keep things picked up, but it seems that I just don’t have time for dishes, laundry and changing the sheets. My mother suggested that I hire a company to help me out with the things that I couldn’t’ get done. She said it would make a difference in my life.

I am not rich by any means and the thought of a maid just seemed upper class. However, after talking to some of the guys at work, I found out that I was just about the only one who didn’t have a cleaning lady. My friend rick suggested that I check out this company that allows you to book your service calls from your smartphone. I thought he was crazy because this phone of mine can do just about anything these days. He was right; I was able to schedule an appointment right from my cell phone. They allow me to pay by credit card and I can have them set up to come once a week or once a month. With my house, I opted for the once a week option.

I loved that they pay their people between $18-$22 an hour, which means they are encouraged to do the best job they can. The employees get to pick their own hours too, another perk for them. What really got my attention is that they do mandatory background checks on these folks. They want to know who is going out and representing the company, and I want to know who is coming into my home.

They are also in Canada, which is a plus for me. A national company is going to do everything they can to protect their reputation. They have 5,000 employees which is impressive for any company. That means to me if someone doesn’t do a good job, I can always call and ask for a new person next time. They haven’t’ come yet, but I am so excited to have our home clean for my baby. Being a single father is hard. I miss my wife more than I could ever say. But more than anything, I miss the loving way she took care of our home. I know that Handy on techcrunch won’t be able to replace that void for me, but they can help me by ensuring that our home is at least sanitary and free up some of my precious time to spend with Jackson.

My Social Life and Dating Apps

If it wasn’t for dating apps I probably wouldn’t have much of a social life. I can admit that I wasn’t very popular in high school, and I didn’t go out much in college. When I started working in the real world I found myself unsure of how to actually meet new people and socialize. It was with dating and social media apps that I discovered that there is a world beyond the four walls of my apartment.

The thing that has made online dating so hot is the amount of people that are out there. I signed up for Skout and found that I had the ability to connect with millions of people. How could this be possible? All that I had to have was a smart phone to download the app. It’s a free app that connects you with people on a global level. With Facebook and MySpace I really should not be that surprised about how I can start friendships with people in Africa or Asia, but I am. I was never one to use social media apps much. I was someone that was still sort of hanging on to emails and things of that nature.

Dating apps would prove to be something of a savior for me. I was so interested in finding out how I could meet someone that was into what I liked. That can be something that makes life so much easier. So much time is saved when you start off with people that like the things that you like. I have used Skout because it was new and fresh. I have also tried eHarmony and Speed Date. The last time that I checked I think that there were about 40 apps that I could use.

I was into the Speed Date app because it was quick. I could quickly find out if someone was right or wrong just like real life speed dating. The Plenty of Fish App also seems to be fun. I actually signed up for it just because I liked the name of the app. It has been my saying that there are “plenty of fish” in the sea in reference to dating. I just like to see what is out, and dating apps have shown me that there is a lot.

My mother still thinks that I need to meet someone at church, but I believe that the dating apps are going to lead me to my spouse. Right now I am just enjoying the interactions that I have experienced. I have made some great friends and I would hope to meet more in the upcoming year.  Now I just have to make a little time to explore more. Right now I have been glued to Skout.