Alex Pall and the History and Future of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are continuing to achieve growing success in the EDM genre. The music creator consists of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart who have been working together for several years. Drew Taggart joined Pall a few years after The Chainsmokers emerged as a music creator and the to have been taking the title to greater heights.

Growing up, Alex Pall was fascinated by DJing and picked it up as a hobby. Over the years, his passion towards it grew, and Alex Pall decided to establish a career in the music industry. He was working at an art gallery and had his job cut out for him. In the meantime, he would play music at the occasional party or event and slowly build connections and gain experience in the very beginning of the music industry.

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Alex Pall and Drew Taggart got introduced to each other through their mutual agent. The two guys clicked fast as they shared an immense love for the music they created and had similar goals for their careers. Drew Taggart was living in Maine at the time. He had done several gigs and had a strong passion towards establishing a career in EDM. He discontinued his college education, moved to the city of New York, and the duo got to work right off the bat. Alex Pall also quit his job, and so they focused on The Chainsmokers and the road ahead.

One of the latest tracks that The Chainsmokerss released is titled Closer. Other than the music landscape, the track features Drew Taggart singing along with Halsey, a rising British singer. The track started climbing up the charts right off the bat. As with all of their songs, Closer is also near and dear to the heart of the guys. They write their music drawing from their life experiences and depict moments of their lives enriched with happiness and heartache alike.

Another recent release by The Chainsmokers explores a darker and more melancholic sound. While this is not a new direction for the duo, it certainly provided some variety in their portfolio and excited their listeners.