Securus prevents crime through Location Based Services

Securus Technologies is America’s foremost prison communications provider. Over the years, it has made a name for itself, providing some of the lowest rates seen in prisons across the country. This has allowed countless thousands of inmates to stay in contact with their families with frequencies that were, and decades past, never thought imaginable.


However, the company is also engaged in research, development and deployment of some of the most cutting-edge technologies involved in the prison industry today. Many of these technologies are proving themselves as invaluable tools in the fight against criminal activity that so often threatens the stability and safety of our nation’s jails and prisons.


One such technology is JLG Investigator Pro. This system borrows capabilities from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan and brings them to the nation’s jails and prisons, giving administrators and staff state-of-the-art tools for the prevention and fighting of crime.


One of the systems most powerful features is its biometric voice recognition system. Going far beyond anything you might find with typical voice recognition programs, such as Siri on Apple devices, JLG’s voice recognition system is capable of positively identifying all parties engaging in any communication on the prison phone system. Furthermore, all parties who are unknown have their voices stored for later biometric analysis. This allows officers to tag and identify those people who are thought to be at risk of perpetrating criminal activity within the prison. Officers have the option to ban parties or to flag certain participants in conversations. This can be accomplished completely automatically, freeing investigators to only concentrate on the most pressing cases.


Such state-of-the-art technology is helping prisons across the country maintain a safe environment for prisoners. It is also being used to convict outside parties who attempt to introduce contraband, interfere with prison operations and act in furtherance of criminal conspiracy with organized gangs inside prison.


Securus Technologies Inc.: Connecting People

The desire to make prisons better and safer has initiated the need to partner with Securus Technologies Inc., a technology company based in Dallas, Texas. Serving over 1.2 million prisoners, Securus Technologies provides civil and criminal justice solutions all over North America. It has been operational since 1986, is privately held and very reliable in the communications industry. The company focuses on public safety, corrections, investigation of crimes, monitoring, and evaluation. The company is second to none regarding providing reliable solutions correctional facilities. It connects law enforcement personnel, investigators, state officials, inmates and their families.


The firm is well equipped with trained staff and facilities to handle emergency issues that may arise and managing incidents occurring in the prison sector. Securus Technologies firm employs up to five thousand staff who specialize in Information Technology, Data Analytics, Telecommunications and Call Management Systems. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, Securus Technologies rolls out new products and services on a weekly basis. The services aim to mitigate crimes in prison. Just recently, a report was made by some officials concerning consumer feedback. Consumers sent formal emails and letters from the county and state correctional facilities.


The information derived from consumers was highly valuable as it helped make arrests for corrupt officials in the system, who were introducing forbidden items to the prisons. The prohibited items include drugs, alcohol and cell phones. Moreover, tracking of communication helped in managing relations between inmates to prevent the issuance of threats and fights. The introduction of LBS software by Securus Technologies have made it easier in providing technology solutions to jails and law enforcement firms primarily in the retrieval of lost goods or illegal goods. Due to their cooperation with Better Business Bureau, Securus Technologies Inc has been accredited for its impeccable service to the community and has received an A+ rating.


Top Benefits of Investing on Securus Technology’s Products



Securus Technologies, Inc. is the largest prison technology company in the United States. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company provides a safe communication platform for the detainees in approximately 2600 correctional facilities in the United States, Columbia, Mexico, and Canada. It has tremendously invested in technology; in 2016, the company had invested approximately $600 million. The investment allows it to provide innovative and customized customer service, biometric analysis, incident management and monitoring products. The company has a pool of experts in technology; it has approximately 1000 employees.


Products Offered


Securus Technologies provides parolee tracking, detainee communications and the management of government information. The company has a system that controls contraband cell phones. In 2017, it introduced the Wireless Containment Solution. The innovation will ensure that contraband cell phones do not connect to mobile networks. Its Location Based Services (LBS) are instrumental in detecting illegal activities among the detainees as well as the public.


Why Use Securus’ Products?


The detainees have, for a long time, been involved in illegal activities including drug trafficking, handling of contraband items, and escape plans. The detainees achieve this through cellular communication with individuals outside the detainee’s location. This has posed an enormous challenge to the facility’s security.


Securus Technology developed an excellent product that has significantly resolved the problem. LBS identifies any call made by the detainees within a specific area of interest. It records the conversation and indicates the exact location of the receiving party. This has enabled the Sheriff Department to recover illegal assets, drugs, and cash money.


Additionally, the products ensure that there is no interference with the evidence in a given case through the issuance of threats. The threats or instructions regarding the evidence are intercepted and used against the detainee in the court of law.


Securus Technologies is committed to revolutionizing the communication and security matters in all the correctional facilities. Its products change as the need develops to ensure that there are no loopholes in the security of the correctional centers.


Securus Technologies – Reducing The Crime Rate with Efficient Use of Modern Technology

One of the companies that just cannot be missed when discussing the sector of prison communication and crime prevention technology is Securus Technologies. The company is based in Dallas and has offices in different places across the country. The company at present reaches out to over 1.2 million inmates and provides its services to 2,600 correctional agencies. Securus Technologies is a firm that believes in innovation and invests heavily in the R&D department of the company that is also located in Dallas, Texas. At present, the company has over 600 patents to its name and aims to increase that number to make a strong foothold in the correctional space.



Securus Technologies has helped change the lives of many of the inmates who had lost all hopes. It is because the company offers reliable and affordable communication services that help the prisoners to keep in contact with their loved ones. It is one of an essential services that every inmate demands. There are many other service providers in the industry, but Securus Technologies has emerged as the market leader in the field of inmate communication. The company also recently won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service training team. It reflects upon the importance the company gives to the customer service it provides to its clients.



Securus Technologies recently issued a press release on the internet, where it published some of the comments from the many letters it received from law enforcement officials across the nation. In the letters, law enforcement personnel have mentioned how the company’s services are helping them stay productive at work and reduce crime considerably.



I am one of the police officers in Dallas, and firmly believe that Securus Technologies is helping us tremendously by using technology to provide us with data and information about the crime so that it cannot be stopped before any damage is done.




Securus Technologies Advances Prison Communication

IN a recent article published by PR Newswire it was announced that Securus Technologies has introduced the latest version of its software named Threads 3.1. Securus has created a complex communication system that has allowed secure and convenient communication between those being confined in a prison institution and those outside of the prison system. An inmate must have communication with his attorney and when allowed communication with family and loved ones. Read the full article here:Your text to link…

The Securus Technologies has revolutionized the prison communication system. Before Securus conversations with inmates were inconvenient, time-consuming and took place in a prison setting where the environment is not aesthetically pleasant. Securus has changed all that and now families, attorneys, advocates and friends can communicate with the prisoners without having to drive to the facility, clear security, and sit in a bleak, uncomfortable, and guarded environment. Now the inmate can talk with their family member, loved one or attorney without their having to come to the prison to do so.
While one of the aims of incarceration is to eliminate and restrict the pleasures of life on the outside, why should innocent family and friends, lawyers and advocates be subjected to such bleak, inhospitable conditions? Securus has solved this dilemma (please watch Youtube video to learn more) and has allowed both sides of any prison conversation to experience familiar conditions. Securus conferencing has enabled those who wish or need to communicate with someone on the inside of a prison system to do so without having to suffer the strains of being inside the prison, itself.
Securus Technologies Threads 3.1 is a pay for use system but costs much less when compared to the costs of driving to a prison facility that is often a great distance from the home of the family and friends and may be in a remote, inhospitable area. Now the needed communication from friends and family can be had at a fraction of the cost of traveling and without the hardships involved. Communication between the inmate and attorney, friends, and family is a necessary aspect for the eventual reintroduction of the convict back into society once the sentence has been completed.
Securus Technologies has made life easier for many innocent people who are adversely affected by the indiscretions and crimes of loved ones. Now thanks to Securus the healing process can begin for those involved inside the prison facility and outside as well.

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