A Changing Industry: Dog Food Today

The Daily Herald released a recent article where they discussed the changing world of dog food. The writer of the article, Craig Giammona, took a tour of the Freshpet Inc. factory with the CEO, Richard Thompson, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

During the tour, they stopped at the end of the manufacturing line and Thompson as well as the manufacturing chief, Michael Hieger, had a bite of the Chunky Chicken and Turkey dog food.

The idea of humans eating dog food is a strange one, but Purina, and a few other premium dog food companies are trying to change that. These companies are using only the freshest ingredients with no preservatives and an expiration date.

One big dog food company has been carefully using fresh ingredients for much longer than the trend has been around. Beneful is known for using real meat and a variety of plant ingredients to provide dogs with a flavorful meal that will also provide them with sufficient nutrition. Beneful does not just have one recipe it uses. Dog owners are confronted with a variety of choices when choosing Beneful food for their dog. There are 8 different varieties of dry dog food, 20 different recipes for wet dog food and 11 different treat flavors.

The quality of the food is of the utmost importance to Purinastore’s Beneful. They closely monitor the freshness of every ingredient from the time it arrives at the manufacturing plant to when it is in the final product on a store shelf. Beneful also holds its farmers to strict standards. All of the food that is used in a Beneful recipe must follow this guideline and must have the highest quality of freshness and nutrition. Buyers can expect a variety of ingredients in their dog food. Beneful has recipes with every real meat from beef and chicken to lamb and pork. They also include important vegetables like carrots, rice, green beans and barley. In addition, the texture of the food is mixed so there is everything from chunks down to thin slices of real ingredients.