About Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a renowned live production manager in the industry of music. He has helped several musicians set a spectacular live performance show. He has expertise in sound production, sound engineering, events organizer, and stage management. He has traveled across America, Europe, Asia, and Australia with some of the best live performance musicians like Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses. His experiences were obtained to the live performance companies he has worked. In a particular company, he was promoted to a project manager due to his spectacular skills. He currently manages his firm in the live performance industry. Clay Hutson has handled some of the renowned music tours such as the ‘bleed like me’ where he served as a monitor engineer. Last year, he participated in the One Republics ‘Honda Civic Tour’ where he served as a monitor engineer. He states that his most significant objective is to help musicians put a spectacular show without any hurdles. His passion for music has also contributed to the success in his career.

Q&A with Clay Hutson

According to Clay Hutson, his previous experiences has played a critical role in shaping his career. In business, the experience is vital, and Hutson can attest to the fact. He decided to move to his own corporate after the 2008 financial market crash. The move was mainly because his employer couldn’t continue paying him due to the high standards if living at that time. Starting a firm at that time was risky as Clay Hutson describes. Although the risk, Clay believed in his experiences, skills, and talent and decided to carry on with his plan.

Over the years in the industry, Clay Hutson has managed to attract customers through hard work, long working hours, and paying attention to the client’s concerns. The three factors have made him avoid stupid mistakes which makes him marketable. Once the clients are happy and comfortable with his work, they recommend him to other live performers.

Clay Hutson has always been concerned on putting a quality and exceptional show. He manages this by checking out for the possible mistakes that could compromise the show in any case. With such mistakes, he develops measures to counter and avoid such ordeals from occurring. Planning is one of the fundamental thing that Clay considers before holding a live performance. It helps in boosting productivity and efficiency. Before travelling to an event, he develops a list covering every equipment and task. Learn more: http://runninglip.com/music/industry-insight-with-production-manager-clay-hutson/

Clayton Hutson – article recap

Producer and sound engineer, Clayton Hutson, has been interested in and inspired by music since his days as a youth in Nashville, TN, and over the years, he has developed this passion into a thriving business due to his natural entrepreneurial skill set. After graduating from Central Michigan University, Clayton Hutson embarked on an incredible journey which led him to work with a number of reputable public figures, both inside, as well as outside of the music industry. Although Clayton Hutson’s deepest musical love resides in the genre of rock and roll, he has dabbled in a variety of sectors and worked with industry mainstays such as Billy Graham, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Kid Rock. In a recent sit-down, Clayton Hutson discussed a variety of issues, including his initial foray into the music industry, as well as how he first began to generate money doing what he loves.

Prior to becoming involved with the music industry, Clayton Hutson’s background in sound engineering, particularly, for live entertainment, was substantial, but the additional experience gained over the course of his career proved to be invaluable. His decision to create his own business came during the American recession of the last decade, as the company that he was employed by, began experiencing a number of difficulties in which he needed to distance himself from. The majority of Mr. Hutson’s income derives from his business, in which he provides services such as logistics, stage management, and product design. Despite the fact that Mr. Hutson chose to strike out on his own during one of the worst economic periods of recent American history, with perseverance, as well as a virtually unrivaled dedication to his craft, he was able to find clients quickly, reaching a reasonable level of profitability in a short time span. In order to keep generating income on a regular basis, Mr. Hutson has a website that details his services, but personal referrals are the most substantial avenue in his ability to connect with new clientele. He credits his continued success to his dedication to sound engineering, having a genuine love for the music and the process, as well as his stringent revision process, in which he triple-checks his work in order to guarantee its reliability. Clayton Hutson plans to continue the processes that have brought him such success throughout his career, and he finds new inspiration in the way technology is evolving in regards to his craft. Learn more: https://angel.co/clayton-hutson

Jason Hope Shines Light Into The Growth And Benefits Of Internet Of Things

Many people appreciate the relevance of technology and the development of different technologies. New trends in technology have seen the development of internet of things take another step. According to Jason Hope, this is the future and will possibly define the future of technology. Internet of things has taken shape as a trend that will make life better and offer humans a chance to think deeper about their environments.

Being able to control the environment easily is something that will help people to change their lives and explore different areas. Jason Hope has explored various types of technologies and as an entrepreneur technologist, he has come across many aspects of technology that few people ever think about.

Through internet of things, controlling appliances like refrigerators will be an easy task and this can be done remotely. Internet of things allows the interconnection of devices and gadgets like a car being connected to a mobile phone to communicate some data and issue some commands. Most homes now have advanced security and control systems where one can control things like lighting remotely through a, mobile device.

Opportunities to inspire growth
Jason Hope has been offering the young and ambitious opportunities to build their ideas into successful businesses. As an entrepreneur who built his career over many years, he would also like to inspire the growth of other young individuals. He runs an incubation facility that also allows young entrepreneurs to get funding for their projects.

Supporting technology
Another area Jason Hope has been actively involved is technology. His company offers the design and development of websites, mobile and web applications, desktop apps and software for various uses. He is an entrepreneur who has based his business in technology and reviewing new trends in technology as well as the development of entrepreneurship.

Learn more about Jason Hope: http://jasonhope.com/philanthropy/

A Hero Stands Amid Corruption and Mistrust

The stock market crisis of 2007 – 2008 had caused a great amount of distrust among citizens of the United States. A massive amount of fraud and corruption that had been uncovered cause markets all over the world the decline. The effects of this chain of events can be felt to this day. The feeling of distrust is still strong among the vast amount of Americans. A recent poll found that only around twenty-eight percent of investors and Wall Street professionals thought that the economy was headed in the right direction. It is clear to see that the economy has not completely recovered and though reservations are common, there are still a select few that integrate integrity into their both their personal and work lives. Helane Morrison is one such person.

Helane Morrison is dedicated to ensuring that corruption and financial sector failures due to illegal activities stay to a minimum. She is fearless and impossible to intimidate. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Helane Morrison received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University in Illinois. She became editor in chief of the law review at her college. She then worked as a law clerk for the US court of appeals in the seventh district. Morrison later began working for Supreme Court justice, Harry A. Blackmun. In 1986, she began working for the law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Faulk, and Rabkin. She worked there for over a decade mostly on securities fraud and other crimes related to the financial sector. She was selected by the United States government to head the San Francisco office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange.

Helane Morrison was given complete power to protect private citizens and corporate entities from fraud. In her eleven years with the Securities and Exchange, Helane was able to make an impressive impact and was able to successfully prosecute top executives with very large corporations that were thought to be impossible to touch using the law. She also championed those in the military that were victims of insurance fraud and the elderly that were vulnerable to unscrupulous investing practices. In her lifetime Helane Morrison had made and incredible impact on corruption and illegal practices that take advantage of unknowing citizens and companies. Her hard work earned her the title of Head of Commission and Regional Director, making her the first woman in history to hold that position.

See the full, original article here >> http://www.projecteve.com/helane-morrison-shattering-glass-ceiling-corporate-world/

North American Spine Aquires AccuraScope!

North American Spine is now in partnership with Noblis Health, which allows North American to offer the AccuraScope procedure. The AccuraScope procedure is a highly effective minimally invasive decompression procedure. Since no procedure fits all cases, the AccurScope procedure’s addition to North American Spine is important to NSA’s existing catalog of patient treatments. North American Spine is a Dallas based spine care facility which specializes in comprehensive spinal treatments for back and neck conditions.

The newly squired AccuraScope procedure has a high success rate at over 82%, and typically lasts only 45 minutes. The average savings to the patient for AccuraScope is over $23,000. Chris Lloyd the CEO of NSA is excited to be able to offer this innovative technique to NSA’s patients. He states that many patients who were not eligible for more traditional treatments now have access to a wider range of treatments than ever before.

The doctors, according to the North American Spine reviews (northamericanspine.com) are orthopedic experts in the field of spinal surgery, and they are proud of the new technique available to them. The benefits of the AccuraScope procedure are the tiny incision, minimal scarring, minimal risk to muscles, nerves, bone and blood vessels, normal structure, less pain and rapid recovery. The new procedure makes diagnosis easier with the chance for earlier treatment and less chance of recurrence. Patients testify to the results, and North American Spine offers a Connect with a Patient program.

North American Spine treats most orthopedic conditions, and offers a wide variety of treatment options as well as financial plans. NSA has a simple mission statement, and it is to help as many people as possible. The care at NSA is holistic, and they take a conservative approach in finding the best treatment for the health and wellness of a patient. When a patient has recurring back pain it’s time to look into solutions. The physicians at North American spine urges patients to approach treatments which will stop, resolve and prevent future pain rather than just treating the symptoms.

CCMP Capital Offers Millennials Investment Tips

CCMP Capital is an extremely successful NY based private equity investment firm. It’s success can largely be attributed to former CEO and President Stephen Murray. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a great leader whose unique leadership style allowed CCMP Capital to go beyond the usual benchmarks of efficiency. The firm also happened to hire a number of great professionals during his tenure and the benefits of that move are still being experienced by CCMP Capital. What CCMP Capital learnt from Stephen Murray is working at their best but having contingency plans for the worst.

Here are some things that the professionals of CCMP Capital would like millennials to know –

Savings Accounts Pay Nothing But Retirement Accounts Do – A lot of millennials allow money to collect in their savings account and call it “investment” but CCMP Capital professionals disagree. The interest rate on savings account is so low (often close to 1%) that the money simply does not multiply at the rate that it should. Instead, it is recommended that millennials divert that money to 401(k) or other retirement funds that would earn enough interest. IRA is another good option for millennials to choose.

Millennials Need To Outpace Inflation By Investing – The inflation rate is slightly increasing every year. As such, the money in the bank (and under the mattress) of millennials amounts to less and less every year. This means that these people who are under 25 years need to find an investment solution that would grow their money at a rate faster than the inflation rates.

Any Investment Carries Risk – A lot of millennials think that investing is a bad idea because there is too much risk. Some millennials believe that there are certain options with absolutely no risk. Both these groups are wrong because every investment carries risk but that doesn’t mean that investing should be avoided. One thing CCMP Capital experts say is this – without risk, there would be no growth. Money multiplies because there is a certain amount of risk involved. Higher the risk, higher the returns. Lower the risk, lower the returns. This is why savings accounts pay so little – they carry minimal risk.

Diversification Is Important – It is necessary for millennials to understand that they cannot put all their eggs in one basket, say professionals at CCMP Capital. Their portfolio needs to be diversified in such a way that the millennials are protected against any downward turns of the market. This means that there should be some safe securities, a bunch of medium risk securities and a couple of high risk securities as well.

These tips would help millennials kickstart their investment journey.

Tips on Career Life of Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth Griffin was born in the year 1968 in Daytona Beach area, Florida. After joining Harvard University in 1986, he read an article on Forbes magazine which inspired him to start investing. At the second year of his studies, he started a hedge fund focusing on convertible bond arbitrage. He was funded by family members and friends and was able to raise $265,000. He was able to install a satellite to connect his dorm to access real-time market information. His investment strategy enabled him to save capital when stock market crashed in 1987.

After seeing his potential and hard work, the founder of Glenwood Capital LLC, Frank Meyer provided $1 million to Kenneth Griffin for investment. Griffin was able to surpass Meyer’s expectations according to a prèss release by The New York Times. Meyer was able to make 70 percent return on investment. Griffin went ahead and created Citadel in 1990 with a capital of $4.6 million. After eight years of operations, Citadel LLC had expanded tremendously with a team of over 100 professional staffs and $1 billion in investment capital. Griffin was included in CFO Magazine’s Global 100, as among the most influential individuals in the world of finance.

After being in this industry for almost 20 years, Griffin has appeared several times on Forbes magazine. In 2003, he appeared on Forbes 400 as the youngest self developed individual with a net worth of about $650 million. Later in 2004, Griffin was ranked eighth richest American by Fortune magazine in the category of self made entrepreneurs under forty. In 2006, he was position five among individuals under 40 listed on Forbes 400. By 2007, Griffin was estimated to have a net worth of about $3 billion and in 2014, it was estimated at $5.5 billion.

Griffin has raised his stance regarding market structure and financial regulations across the industry. He has continued to press the need to review industry regulations in order to catch up with current market structures and demands and have fairness in American Equity markets. Together with other top executives in this industry, they have voiced their concerns about regulations that fail to keep the industry on the same level as changing market structure. For instance, they are concerned about the legal practice discriminating against specific segments of investors.

As a philanthropist, Griffin has made several donations estimated to about $500 million to aid various causes, especially targeting institutions in Chicago. In 2006, in collaboration with a foundation that he supports funded a new charter school in Chicago known as Woodlawn High School. Kenneth and Ann Griffin Foundation was founded in 2009 and has made donations of about $10 million to Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center. Griffin has offered a lot to the society making him a true philanthropist.