David McDonald’s Tenure As President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group Has Seen A Series of Successful Expansions and Acquisitions:

OSI Group, LLC.’s President and Chief Operating Officer David G. McDonald has been with the powerhouse global food processing company since 1987. He is also a member of the firm’s Board of Directors. During his time with OSI, he has achieved many personal accomplishments that have helped the company continue its rise, leading it to become one of the top 100 food businesses in the United States and a global enterprise with facilities in 17 countries. David was born in 1964 into a hard-working, farming family. After graduating high school he attended Iowa State University, majoring in animal science. Upon his graduation in 1987 he accepted a position with OSI Group as a project manager in the very same year. He has never looked back and has climbed up the company’s ranks, eventually attaining his current positions. The years that David has spent with OSI have been a constant progression of expansion and acquisition and David has played a major role in this.

Part of OSI Group’s recent expansions under David McDonald’s leadership has taken place in the company’s European market. 2016 saw two major acquisitions in Europe. Baho Food is a Dutch company that provides meat products and other food items including snacks to the retail and foodservice industries. Regarding this valuable acquisition, David has stated that “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe…The company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.” Later in 2016, OSI acquired Flagship Europe, a supplier to the U.K. market. Flagship carries a large range of products including frozen poultry, pies, sauces and dressings. David McDonald expressed a similar sentiment to his statement regarding the acquisition of Baho Food. He stated that “Adding Flagship to our OSI Europe business further broadens OSI’s presence in Europe.”

David has also been busy helping expand OSI’s production capacity on the American homefront. The company recently purchased the former Tyson Foods processing plant in Chicago, Illinois. The addition of this second Chicago facility will greatly expand the firm’s production capacity in its American market. OSI Group has always been synonymous with top-notch customer service. All of these recent acquisitions will help to ensure that this reputation is not only maintained but exceeded.

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David McDonald: President Of OSI Group

52 year-old David G. (“Dave”) is an entrepreneur, a businessman and president and CEO (chief operating officer) of the OSI Group, LLC. The head of this Washington, D.C.-based company has numerous industry involvements and multiple interests. He also serves as the director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited in Australia and the OSI Group’s board of directors.

McDonald’s Education

After graduating from high school, he went to the Iowa State University. There McDonald majored in animal science. He completed his bachelor of science degree and graduated in 1987.

McDonald’s Professional Background

Also the official chairman of the North American Meat Institute, McDonald has previously served as a project manager for OSI. As of December 2008, he has also worked as an independent director for Marfrig Global Foods S.A. He took this position after Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos’ acquired the OSI Group’s operations in both Europe and Brazil.

McDonald’s Role In The Acquisition Of Baho Food

Almost one year ago McDonald was the man behind the acquisition of a company known as Baho Food. Baho Food is the Dutch’s largest convenience food processing business. After finalizing the business deal, McDonald reported to the press that this acquisition would help the OSI Group in meeting the various needs of the company’s present European clients as well as broaden OSI’s own current customer base.

David McDonald On The OSI Group’s Sustainability

McDonald also spoke to the CEO CFO Interviews website. He was interviewed on several different relevant topics including the current direction of OSI Group, their overall innovation and additional subjects related to the future sustainability of the corporation. McDonald told the online publication that the OSI Group is still concentrating on expansion.

David McDonald OSI Group also noted although the values of the OSI Group have not changed, the business’ solutions to different issues and problems, and their line of products are always in a state of flux. McDonald concluded that he takes pride in the many successes of the OSI Group.

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The History of OSI Group and What They Have to Offer

The food industry is very large. There are many businesses located within the food industry, one business is the OSI Group. The OSI Group was originally a small family meat market founded in the year 1909 in Oak Park, Illinois by Otto Kolschowsy. In 1928 the small family meat market became known as Otto and Sons and created a reputation for offering good quality meat. In 1955 Otto and Sons began working with McDonald’s which quickly became their main source of business.

Late in the 1960’s McDonald’s no longer needed as many fresh beef suppliers because of the release of Cryogenic food processing. Otto and Sons became one of McDonald’s 4 meat suppliers. In the year 1973 Otto and Sons opened its first large meat plant and developed liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels as well as a patty former. In 1975 Otto and Sons changed their name to OSI Group (https://www.facebook.com/OSI-Group-106191179472361/)

The Growing Business, OSI Group

The OSI Group has grown a lot over the past several years. OSI Group Mission is to responsibly manage their business with in the social, economic and environmental frameworks where they operate. There are over 60 plants located in 3 different zones the America zone, Europe zone and, the, Asia/Pacific/India zone. OSI Group corporate office as well as 6 of their U.S. plants are located Illinois, with many other plants in the U.S. In the year 2011 Forbes magazine ranked OSI Group as #136 in America’s largest privately owned company bringing in $3 billion. In 2016 OSI Group was ranked 58 by Forbes magazine with revenue over $6.1 billion.

Products Offered by OSI Group

OSI offers many different meats however they offer other products as well. Some meats they offer are bacon, breakfast sausage, hot dogs, Italian sausage, bratwursts, Chicken, beef, and pork. OSI Group also offers many other products such as pizza dough, bread sticks, flat breads, Paninis, soups, cheese sauces, salsa and much more. OSI group has also been supplying to fast food chains in China such as Subway, Starbucks, Papa Johns Pizza, and Pizza hut.

Safety at OSI Group

As far as safety goes OSI group has received awards for management of health and safety risks and environmental management. They state that employees know that safety and quality always come first. They have annual quality audits to make sure their products are tested against many different standards and requirements. This includes government, customer and their own requirements. They evaluate every product during every shift, have weekly evaluations and preform complete audits 4 times a year. They put safety first when designing new processes and equipment.

Summary of the Growing OSI Business

The OSI group was originally called Otto and Sons and was only a small family meat market in Illinois. Since then OSI Group has expanded significantly and now has over 60 plants in many parts of the world, and is quickly growing on the Forbes magazines’ largest privately owned business list raking 58 this year (2016). OSI is working with many different fast food restaurants producing different kinds of meats, soups, dough and breads. Safety and quality put as number one priorities at OSI Group and they have been awarded for doing so.

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