EOS Lip Balm Flavors For Kids

EOS lip balm is a lovely product that children may use at any time, and it comes in a variety of flavors for the discerning user. Users who are searching for better flavors will find a few mentioned, and this article explains the joy of using each flavor. There is nothing finer than putting on EOS lip balm, and kids love it for the distinct odor. Go to evolutionofsmooth.ca for full product information.

#1: Strawberry Sorbet

The Strawberry Sorbet smells like the name of the balm, and it has a lovely pink package that will remind every child of a creamy dessert. Kids who are using the balm will find it fun because it reminds them of summer, and they will smell nothing but strawberries under their nose. This variety is available on Amazon.

#2: Vanilla Mint

Vanilla Mint is a combination of two very different flavors. The flavors are paired to ensure they have the opposite effect on the user. Kids who are using Vanilla Mint will have the softness of vanilla on their lips, and they will feel the tingle of mint. The two will make for a soothing effect, and kids will enjoy the smell because it is not too harsh. https://well.ca/brand/eos-evolution-of-smooth.html

#3: Blueberry

Blueberry is quite a lot of fun because it is the soft blueberry that kids find in candy and donuts. They may wave it under their noses, and they will enjoy it when they are placing it on their lips. The flavor and the odor together make for a pleasing experience for every kid, and the blue package is lovely to behold.

Children who are using EOS lip balms will find it lovely to have a lip balm that has a perfect package and a perfect flavor. They will use the balm to care for their lips, and it will be a cool thing to do at the same time.

Want EOS? Try them today, visit the evolutionofsmooth website. You can view the complete lip balm flavors on the EOS Facebook page.