Why Fabletics is the Smartest Move in Celebrity Clothing


When a clothing business that is linked to a celebrity hits the market it can gain a lot of attention quickly. It doesn’t always mean that the brand will last. It doesn’t mean that the clothing will become anything more than a trend. Most brands that have entertainers that are hot at the moment will do fairly well. When the entertainer goes out of style the clothing brand will usually go out of style with it.

Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler are the other two founders that have helped Fabletics become the brand that it is today. This company is a bit different from the typical clothing created by celebrities though. It has the unique aspect of being associated with a store, and that alone makes it a brand that stands alone.

So many celebrities have gone forth with brands, but most of the these would not be brands that the average consumer would put their money on. If a person was investing in a brand that would have long time appeal Fabletics would be the best possible bet. This is becoming a corporation. That is the rare thing that most celebrities have missed out on.

The average celebrity that starts up a clothing line is only looking to get the clothes into a department store. That can be good for profits in the beginning, but there are two things that diminish the profits: the resell of the clothes to department stores and the celebrity status of the entertainer.

When a brand is built by a celebrity this person is getting the brand into the department store. The brand is placed in stores, but the celebrity doesn’t own the store so the revenues have to be split. It is only when the celebrity has their own website that the revenues are higher.

The second aspect that can diminish the profits is really a big deal. A person that is trying to establish a brand can be hot for a moment, but anything can happen. If this person gets into trouble with the law the brand is instantly tarnished. Hudson, Ressler and Goldenberg decided to take a different approach. They didn’t want to link the brand directly to Kate Hudson. They are opening the physical stores because they want the brand to thrive even if she isn’t leading customers to it. The brick-and-mortar business is what will make this possible.

Some people think that this will hurt the Internet sales, but it will actually do the opposite. This can draw a lot of people to the Internet because many people do not even know that the sites exists. Getting physical stores is bound to lead more people back to the website.