Billy McFarland: Proof A College Degree Isn’t A Must

Today’s society has kids believing the only way to get through life successfully is to get a college education. Parents and teachers alike will point out example after example of successful people who all have college degrees.

However, not many people point out the numerous amount of people who have achieved success without earning that degree. Bill McFarland is one example of an very successful person who actually dropped out of college.

Billy McFarland was born in New York City in 1991. He graduated high school and enrolled in Bucknell University. He entered his freshman year with a focus on computer engineering. However, he dropped out of school before the end of that first year. This is when he founded and launched his first company, Spling.

In 2013, Billy McFarland founded his second company Magnises. Magnines launched in the beginning of 2014. It was such a hit in New York City that is had over 10,000 members by the middle of 2015.

The company also hit over $3,000,000 in revenues in that first year of business. It was very apparent early on that the services provided would be a big hit in other cities. McFarland and his team quickly set about planning for their expansion. Washington D.C., London, Chicago, and Atlanta were among the top places chosen.

College degrees are certainly necessary for many careers. However, many people find their niche in this world without ever earning a degree. One of the most successful technological entrepreneurs today dropped out of college in his first year. He has founded not one but two successful businesses.