FreedomPop to Offer Completely Free Acess to WhatsApp

FreedomPop is a Mobile Virtual Network Provider that distributes SIM cards and offers basic texting and calling services for absolutely nothing. They have recently revealed their plan to help them further establish their place among top mobile service providers: offering full, zero-rated access to their mobile app, WhatsApp. This means that their messaging application will cost nothing whatsoever, regardless of whether a user has a large, small, or even no data allowance on their cellular plan. Unfortunately, this new concept won’t be available in the United States anytime soon, as it’s initial release will be offered in Spain within the next couple of months.

FreedomPop was founded out of Los Angeles five years ago and has built it’s reputation on offering free minutes, text messages and even data to those who can’t afford more than a basic plan. For the most part, the company has been operating within the United States. FreedomPop did launch internationally for the first time back in September when it’s app was released in the United Kingdom. Since it’s announcement to continue international business in Spain, it’s launch has given indications as to how they may plan to take on business on a global scale.

Other companies have offered similar services in parts of the world, but the practice has been considered to be frowned upon in some markets. In lieu of the recent “net neutrality” law in India, the free basics services offered by Facebook were banned. Naturally, The Facebook-owned service, WHatsApp was banned as well.

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