Doe Deere, Lip Gloss and Unicorns

It’s funny how there is always a market for cosmetics. Why? Because there is always a need for women to look and feel beautiful. The modern cosmetics industry has been around for almost 100 years, and with the new innovations and new brands being seen in the marketplace, it’s clear that the industry is showing no signs of slowing down. All of this is great news for some of the newer entrepreneurs who are seeking to make a place for themselves in the beauty industry, and that’s why we’re seeing some very exciting new developments from some of them.

The Lime Crime Idea

Lime Crime is one of the new makeup brands that’s shaking up the industry with some bold new looks. The brand was launched by Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere in 2007/2008, as a way to work with her bold ideas about colors and how women can wear them to make a strong statement. 

Before launching Lime Crime, Deere had an online fashion company, and what she learned in the process of creating clothing was that she had to look hard to find fabrics that had the bold colors she wanted. Through necessity and creative invention, she was able to make the fashions she wanted, and she used that experience of seeking and creating boldly colored products when she developed Lime Crime.

Velvetines Lip Color

One of the products she’s most proud of is the Velvetines lip color line. This lip color goes on like a liquid gloss, and then sets to a full coverage matte. It’s the first “liquid to matte” lip color on the market, and it’s totally vegan and certified cruelty-free. Velvetines were developed in a lab by Deere with a top level chemist, and the product has become one of the most popular in the line. 

Fans of wild color also are clamoring for the Unicorn lipsticks from Lime Crime. These lipsticks have a very bold, full coverage, and they come in a wide range of colors that include several hues of pink, purple and red, as well as blue, green, orange and yellow. These lipsticks make a very attention-getting statement, and coordinate beautifully with the colorful eyeshadows available from Lime Crime. 

For women who want even more wildness to go with their colorful lips, Lime Crime also offers glitters from the Zodiac Glitter pots. These iridescent glitters go on with special adhesive for a look that’s gorgeous and that offers real staying power.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime are definitely here to stay, as they offer a new definition of beauty that’s truly bold and truly wearable.