Magnises Offers Users a Luxury Lifestyle

Magnises is a New York based start up company that focuses on exploring and improving your lifestyle. A ‘lifestyle start up’ is a pretty tough sale, or at least it would be, to people who don’t understand the connection between millennials and the digital world. Young and upcoming business professionals and entrepreneurs are increasingly looking for new ways to connect with one another and Magnises is here to try and fill in the gaps. Let’s talk a little bit about this innovative start up on Crunchbase and what it can offer our young professionals of today.

Founder and CEO Billy McFarland knows that there is a key in turning our online affinity for Facebook into an offline collective network. McFarland, a millennial himself, started up Magnises in order to create an offline social networking platform that was similar in set up to Facebook but more physical, tangible, and real. McFarland said that in an ideal world he would want “every one of your major life connections and milestones to happen through Magnises.” This all sounds good but what does it men exactly?

Magnises offers users access to the ‘club’ with a black membership card that can be purchased for an annual fee of just $257. What does this card give you, exactly? The Magnises membership card gives you access to a whole slew of perks that will pretty much change the way that you view your socialization world. Magnises will get you discounts at wonderful restaurants, access to private and seclusive clubs, and even allow you the opportunity to grab on cheap or free professional sporting event tickets. It is pretty easy to see exactly why these perks would change your networking world.

More than anything, Magnises wants to put you in situations where you are going out into the world and connecting with other members of the club. Connecting with people your age and of similar class can be integral in trying to network and change your life for the better. There won’t be exchanging of ‘likes and comments’ but there will be the exchange of real life experiences. Thus far the company has racked up over 12,000 new registrations and the company will continue to grow as more and more people hear about it.

One of our favorite perks of the Magnises membership card is the concierge service that is available on demand on Known as Magnises NOW, this concierge application gives you an assistant at your fingertips. Whether you are establishing a professional meeting or merely trying to get out on the town with your friends, use the Magnises NOW app to make it all happen. This app can be used to perfection when paired with the Magnises private benefits. Use your concierge app to get the night started and then connect with the various free Magnises hot spot locations where you can go relax with other members in a private and enjoyable environment. We think that a company like Magnises is going to have a very real place in today’s society.